People of Los Angeles Stocking Large Amounts of Cannabis Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

Since the virus basically preys on those with diminished lung capacity, why not just stick to edibles?
Derya Ozdemir

In an effort to ease their minds, and probably, not wanting to run out of weed during a quarantine, people of Los Angeles have resorted to buying high stocks of weed after the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S.

Los Angeles is feeling the stress of coronavirus-related health concerns like the rest of the world, and numerous public events have been canceled already. While tourism is declining rapidly, it is reported that local cannabis companies and delivery services are experiencing a boom in business in these trying times.

People of Los Angeles are turning to the good old CBD and THC products to combat their health-related anxieties and stocking it up in large amounts as one would with water and pasta. They've got their priorities straight, that's for sure.


For example, Caliva, which has Jay-Z as its Chief Brand Strategist, has seen massive growth in March so far in its delivery business. A representative says “We have seen an increase in our delivery services across all of our locations, with record-breaking sales over the past two weeks.”

Another Hollywood shop Sweet Flowers' representative says, “Because of the virus, consumers are worried about scarcity which is likely why they are purchasing more products than usual. I also think that many of our customers are turning to our cannabis offerings to promote mental wellness and ease their minds in the midst of the nationwide panic.” 

Most people are ordering the goods to their homes to avoid contact within physical retail locations. As a result, restaurants and hotels have taken a huge hit (pun intended); however, the recreational cannabis industry is blooming nicely.

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While there have been studies that prove smoking weed can actually have an anti-inflammatory effect on your lungs, which means smoking weed is not as bad as smoking tobacco; inflammation isn’t really the problem. It’s the aggressive pneumonia, and that makes smoking a no-no under any conditions. Moreover, please, even if you do smoke, just don't pass that blunt.

You should know that smoking anything is probably a bad idea at the time of a pandemic. While it may take your mind off of the anxiety, it certainly creates the perfect conditions for a virus that basically preys on those with diminished lung capacity. Maybe switch to edibles?

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