People With Sneeze Fetish Have Divided Feelings About the Pandemic

In the fight between the fetish and being infected, the real question comes to mind: to sneeze or not to sneeze? (Please don't sneeze.)
Derya Ozdemir

Sneeze fetish: believe it or not, it’s a real thing. We don’t get to choose what floats our boats, so it’s not a surprise that some people prefer watching a beautiful lady or a man sneezing.

It is rather unclear what thrills people about sneezing; however, we don’t really need to have reasons to like something. But an interesting fact is that sneezing and orgasming are both reflexes that follow a similar physiological pattern: an initial sensitivity, an increase in stimulation up to a threshold which gives way to a release in the form of a palpable bodily response. In fact, according to Dr. Ruth Wstheimer, an orgasm “is just a reflex, like a sneeze.”

This is not to say that the two are connected; they just follow similar patterns. While this is just an estimation, it could be the reason why certain people get a kick out of it. You might have heard about their existence just now; however, the sneeze-people exist, and they are also worried about the COVID-19. Figures.


A concerned user Nov’s post reads, “This is why I have always preferred allergy sneezes over sneezes caused by illness – no contagion to worry about, which has always been an aspect of the fetish which sits uncomfortably with me…” 

However, it seems that they’ve missed a piece of important information: sneezing is not a COVID-19 symptom. You might have a fever, fatigue, and cough; however, sneezing is not directly linked to the virus.  

But it is definitely a good idea to lay off these fetish activities while a pandemic is in the making. A very unconcerned user Mr Sneezy’s post reads, “I’m having a lady around on March 27 who I haven’t played with for 18 months. She’s going to sniff chhinkinni and sneeze on me. I expect no ill effects.”

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Mr Sneezy should know that sneezing because of sun-allergy or "chhinkinni" on someone will most definitely spread the virus to the others. It is crucial to know the difference.

So, in the end, this produces a dilemma that many of us didn't know about before. As one user eloquently puts: "In the fight between the fetish and being infected, what do you choose?" The answer should be rather obvious since it takes a healthy body to enjoy any kind of sexual activity. Stay safe, don't make anyone sick, and have fun!

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