Pizza Hut Is Testing Round Pizza Boxes and Plant-Based 'Meat' Toppings

Both the toppings and the boxes will only be available for one day, and in one Pizza Hut location.
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Pizza Hut is tentatively going to test a new and trendy plant-based topping that the company will serve out of compostable round boxes.

The renowned fast-food pizza company announced their decision on Tuesday, stating that these samples will only be served for one day — Wednesday — and only in one of their Phoenix locations. 


Round pizza boxes

Industrially compostable, able to keep pizzas fresher, hotter and crispier for longer, as well as being interlockable for better stability, Zume's round pizza boxes may become all the rage after Wednesday. 

Pizza Hut Is Testing Round Pizza Boxes and Plant-Based 'Meat' Toppings
Source: Pizza Hut

The automated pizza delivery startup has a strong focus on sustainability. One of the reasons their round pizza boxes are better on a sustainability level is that they use overall less packaging than regular square boxes. 

"This revolutionary round box — the result of a two-year journey — is the most innovative packaging we've rolled out to date," said Pizza Hut's chief customer and operations officer, Nicolas Burquier. "The round box was engineered to make our products taste even better — by delivering hotter, crispier pizzas."

Cheaper to produce, as they only use one piece of cardboard, square pizza boxes have been the norm up until now. 

"When you put pizza on a flat surface, it cools off, and the moisture is absorbed into the box. As the pizza gets cold, the moisture is absorbed back into the pizza," Zume founder and CEO Alex Garden told Business Insider. "So we created this box where we have the pizza sitting on a raised cushion, and air actually circulates, so it stays crispy all the time."

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Pizza Hut and Zume decided to partner up for the Wednesday one-day event in Phoenix. 

Garden Speciality Pizza

Pizza Hut will also be testing out a new pizza: the Garden Speciality Pizza. The pizza will have a plant-based 'meat' topping called 'incogmeato.' Incogmeato is a soy-based product that is meant to imitate Italian sausage and is the creation of Kellogg-owned MorningStar Farms

Together with the round pizza box, the Garden Speciality Pizza will be sold for $10 at 3602 E. Thomas Road in Phoenix. All of the proceeds will go to Arizona Forward; a non-profit focused on sustainability.

If everything goes smoothly and comments are positive, Pizza Hut says that they would look into a wider launch of the round box.

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