Screaming on Roller Coasters is Banned in Japanese Theme Parks

"Please scream inside your heart" urges one theme park.
Fabienne Lang
Silent roller coaster ridingFuji-Q/YouTube

It's safe to say 2020 has had its ups and its downs, taking most of the world onto an emotional roller coaster ride. 

But now another challenge has been added to the mix: riding silently on an actual roller coaster. Theme parks in Japan have reopened, and in doing so their executives are urging adrenaline enthusiasts not to scream on any rides.

Rather, they're asking them to "scream inside your heart," as per an instructional video Fuji-Q Highland theme park posted online. 


Lessons on how to ride a roller coaster

If you thought you knew how to handle a roller coaster ride, think again. Now that the coronavirus is around and that amusement parks are opening up, aside from donning your mask, some of these parks in Japan are now banning screaming on rides, as per a Wall Street Journal report.

The reason behind this interesting move is to minimize any spread of droplets from terrified, or thrilled, theme park-goers as they uncontrollably scream in pure ecstasy (or fear) along these frenetic rides.

To take matters into its own hands, Fuji-Q Highland theme park released a four-minute video of two of its executives riding a roller coaster completely and utterly silent.

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It's actually quite comical watching two grown men (one in a proper suit and tie) with masks on, gripping the ride's handlebars, silently going up and down, swooshing and dipping with their heads and bodies rocking back and forth without uttering a single sound. But, we do understand the reason behind the video. 

The video ends with a simple and to-the-point message "Please scream inside your heart."

As per the Wall Street Journal's report, if anyone breaks the ban and shrieks during a ride, they won't face any fines. This is more of a guideline. 

All we can say is, good luck keeping your tongue tied behind that mask of yours during such stomach-dropping moments!

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