Sperm Extractor Now Used in Clinical Settings Goes Viral

A Chinese sperm extractor machine is funny but the real joke is our sensitivity towards sex.
Jessica Miley

Five years ago we brought you the wonderful news that a Chinese company had built an automatic sperm extractor. Yes that’s right when masturbating is too difficult or embarrassing this machine can do the ‘hard’ work for you.


Without going into too much graphic detail the machine allows a person with a penis to insert it to the machine where “it can simulate vaginal environment, and through massage, twitching, sucking, vibration, etc., act upon the human penis, which can make semen collection be fast and safe. So it is the best clinical collection equipment of semen.”

Let's talk about sex

A recent video of the machine has gone viral on Twitter. But aren’t we all being just a tad immature? While it is funny to think about sex, the machine actually serves two other functions that seem to have been left out of the conversation.

According to the machine's Alibaba product description, in addition to being a semen collector, it can also be used as a tool for Premature ejaculation desensitization training and Sex-psychological evaluation. Twitter users guffawed at why someone needing to supply a semen sample couldn’t do it the old fashioned way.

Standard medical process

But masturbating in a clinical setting like a hospital sounds pretty unsexy to me. A semen sample might be required for numerous reasons ranging from fertility analysis to hormonal treatment.

Getting a fast sample makes sense in a busy hospital environment and collecting that sample in a sterile and contained way is pretty important for accurate testing.

Has porn made things worse?

While having ‘sex’ with a robot is a touchy subject this machine should be seen as a piece of medical equipment. The proof is in the large number of orders too, hospitals can clearly see the benefits of the machines as Reuters reports that 10,000 of the $13,000 devices are sold annually.

According to recent studies, erectile dysfunction (ED) in men under 40 is on the rise. While some blame porn others think there are bigger issues at play. Either way, it makes sense that getting aroused to the point of ejaculation might be very difficult for some without assistance.

Open conversation not a joke

Treatment of ED can range from counseling to medication. While in older patients the condition is usually caused by blocked blood vessels in younger men psychologically is likely to play a higher role. Despite some big gains in the world of sex, identity, and gender, humans as a whole have a tendency to still be very shy, closed even when it comes to discussing our sex lives.