Start-Up Creates Mesh-Like, Breathable, Lightweight Arm Cast

If you broke your arm before, you'd know the struggle caused by plaster casts, so here's a cast that'll make everything easier.
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If you ever broke your arm and had to wear a plaster cast, you'd know how much of a pain and struggle it can cause.

It's uncomfortable, heavy, you have to use plastic bags while showering and much more. Also, the smell after it's taken off can be unbearable. It's impossible to clean the underneath of a traditional plaster cast and it can cause skin sores and infections.


A medical device start-up called Cast21 created a waterproof and light-weight arm cast that can replace the old plaster casts. It can be easily applied and it doesn't require a lot of work as much as hacking off a plaster cast with a saw.

Start-Up Creates Mesh-Like, Breathable, Lightweight Arm Cast
Source: Cast21

With this alternative cast, you'll be able to see the skin underneath and it can be applied within three minutes or under, without heat, water or any additional equipment.

The alternative cast is required to be filled with exothermic heat, and it enhances the healing process.

Veronica Hogg, Cast21's Vice President of Engineering told The Daily Mail, "It feels soothing. It reaches about the same temperature as a hot tub."

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Referring to the hacking off the casts with a saw, she added, "Those saws are very loud and all this debris flies off and it's very messy, it can be extremely frightening. The cast saw also presents a risk of burns to the patient. Our product does not require that at all. It's designed so that a physician can take clinical shears, snip through the tabs and pull it open easily. It was designed to completely eliminate the use of a cast saw and make the healing process far more pleasant for the patient."

Seems like this mesh-like cast can replace plaster casts. 

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