The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

Clium has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the world's first smart oral appliance cleaner, a portable ALEXA & Google home compatible cleaner + container with ultrasonic and UV-C LED for your daily oral appliances!
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Created: 11/18/2018
Clium Oral Appliance CleanerSource Clium, inc / Kickstarter

You can’t walk five steps down the oral hygiene aisle of any major store without seeing a long line of new, revolutionary products to replace your old, worn out toothbrush. From sonic toothbrushes to dental picks, the new wave of smart appliance seems to provide a radical improvement over the old, manual tools wherever you look.

If you look closer though, you’ll notice that not every oral hygiene need is served equally and that there is a big hole in the new product lines from the major appliance manufacturers.

The Old Tablets Just Aren't Cutting It

If you are like millions of other people worldwide who use some form of oral appliance like a retainer, a dental bridge, or an entire set of dentures, society hasn’t gone further than using a fizzy tablet in a glass of water to clean these important and costly appliances.

Now, Clium, a new and exciting cleaning device for oral appliances, is hoping to fill this critical gap.

The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

For decades now, the fizzy tablet has been the go-to method for cleaning sensitive oral appliances—and it shows. It isn’t uncommon for denture wearers to be self-conscious about the odor that bacteria-laden dentures can give off. For many, wearing a retainer at night is an important step toward good dental health, but improperly cleaned retainers that sit in your mouth can contribute to a buildup of bacteria overnight, contributing to tooth decay.

Not to mention that while it might look like it’s doing the work, the old tablets do very little to break up plaque that can build up around your oral appliance, leading to discoloration and damage to your appliance and further speeding up tooth decay.

Give Your Oral Appliance a Much Needed Cleaning Boost

Clium Oral Appliance Cleaning

What if you could give the traditional cleaning tablets a high tech upgrade? That’s what Clium, a new project being funded through Kickstarter, has set out to do. Clium is a smart oral appliance cleaner that hopes to do for oral appliance care what the sonic toothbrush and electronic water picks did for the old, manual toothbrushes and dental floss.

The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

Clium uses a series of revolutionary technologies to bring a state of the art cleaning process to your oral appliances, drastically improving their condition and ensuring you maintain the highest level of oral hygiene possible, regardless of the appliance.

Clium comes in different sizes to accommodate your specific appliance and with Clium, your routine may not be much different than you’re accustomed to. Like your old glass on the nightstand, you place your oral appliance inside the Clium and fill it with water, then you add in the cleaning tablet and seal the top of the Clium.

While this may sound like what you’ve been doing for years now, now—rather than just letting the Clium sit there—you put the Clium onto its smart base and touch the panel to activate it. This is where Clium begins to do what traditional cleaning tablets in the past can’t do.

The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

It utilizes several technologies that go beyond the tablet and break up plaque, clean out the smaller cracks and crevasses of your appliance, and blasts your oral appliance with bacteria-destroying UV-C Light.

The ultrasonic waves of the Clium ensure that the cleaning solution from the cleaning tablet makes its way to the areas that need the most attention, namely the hard to reach spots between teeth, along the inner edges of a retainer, and other areas where bacteria tend to grow unchecked.

The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

This alone is worth the attention as bacteria—and the rotting food that breeds it—are among the leading causes of foul smelling breath and denture odor. Finding a way to combat this problem is worth the price of the Clium on its own. 

Clium doesn’t stop there though. Not satisfied to just rely on ultrasonic waves to clear out bacteria, Clium also utilizes UV-C light technology that blasts your oral appliance with a spectrum of light that can kill bacteria on contact, adding another layer of protection against a foul smelling and unsanitary oral appliance.

The light cycle is intense, though not for you, and combined with the ultrasonic waves, this process can eliminate up to 99% of active bacteria on your oral appliance. 

The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

In order to loosen and remove food particulate from your appliance as well as combat the growth of unsightly plaque, Clium's powerful cavitations do what traditional tablets along cannot: provide a physical cleansing of your appliance through the rapid, active movement of cleaning solution. 

This is especially surprising given the Clium’s compact profile. Made of lightweight stainless steel and small enough to fit in an overnight bag, Clium does not sacrifice power for size: Clium is capable of generating 42 Khz of ultrasonic power to get the job done whether at home or on the go.

The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

Where To Find Clium

The speed with which it was funded on Kickstarter tells you everything you need to know about the buzz around Clium. As of this writing, Clium has been funded at more than 200% its original goal and they are only about halfway through their initial funding stage, so Clium is set to begin production for backers in the coming weeks before growing out their customer base.

That doesn’t mean you should sit on your laurels though. Clium is the only smart product of its kind on the horizon, so if you’ve had issues in the past trying to maintain your oral appliances, this is probably the time to head over to Clium’s Kickstarter page now and check it out.


Once the initial funding stage closes, it might be some time before a second offering is available and you don’t want to miss out on this truly remarkable smart product. Millions of people have been looking in vain for a product like Clium for years now, so expect supplies to be limited for some time until Clium production ramps up.

Until it does, however, you can still get in early on the best smart product for oral appliance cleaning and maintenance before the crowds take notice and buy up the first couple of production runs. There are only a few days left, so head over to Kickstarter and see Clium for yourself or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

The World's First Smart Oral Appliance Cleaner is Coming

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