This Company Hopes to Provide Perfect Supplement Dosage at the Push of a Button

The Nutricco platform dispenses the right amount of nutrient supplements based on your exact dietary needs.
John Loeffler
CES 2020, Las Vegas

One of the biggest problems with nutrient supplements is that the vast majority of those thousands of percents of different vitamins and minerals from a multivitamin are entirely wasted after taking them as your body takes what it needs and flushes the rest through your kidneys and out with your urine.

What's more, long-term excessive supplement consumption can actually have a negative impact on your health. That is what Israeli start-up Nutricco is trying to address by developing an automated dispenser for nutrient supplements that provides exactly the amount of supplement you need without the incredible excess found in most vitamin supplements.

Nutricco's supplement dispensing platform hopes to address improper dosage of dietary supplements

The Israel-based startup Nutricco demonstrated its Nutricco Platform for us at CES 2020 and showed how they hope to provide users with better, more efficient, and ultimately safer nutritional supplement dosing.


The machine, which looks kind of like a coffee maker, takes in various dietary supplements into its internal compartments and -- based on the user profile selected -- will dispense the right amount of solid and semi-solid supplements at the push of the button or at a designated time so that they are ready for the user when they need to take their supplement.

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According to Nutricco, the "Nutricco Smart Dispensing Machine holds up to 10 different types of dietary supplements stored in original bottles [and] this patent-pending, online solution is the world’s first all-in-one compliant and adherent connected home nutrient dispenser."

Able to create different user profiles for anyone in your household, the Nutricco platform can supply different supplement dosages depending on such factors as sex, age, time of day, time of year, and specific dietary deficiencies.

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