This Startup Wants to Make Urinalysis as Easy as a Pregnancy Test

Vivoo has created a new subscription-based urinalysis app that can determine everything from whether you're drinking enough water to risk factors for a urinary tract infection right from your phone.
John Loeffler
CES 2020, Las Vegas

San Francisco-based startup Vivoo has developed an innovative wellness assistant right on your phone that can give you personalized nutrition advice based on a urinalysis strip as simple to use as a home pregnancy test.

Vivoo makes urinalysis-based nutrition guidance as easy as taking a picture with your phone

Home health and wellness services and devices have been around a long time now, with things like glucose monitors for diabetics and blood-pressure cuffs being around for decades in people's homes. As our technology improves, the scope of what healthcare information we can collect and monitor ourselves is expanding even more with the launch last year of the Vivoo subscription-based urinalysis system.



After signing up on the company's website, they'll mail you a number of urinalysis strips that function just like a home pregnancy test.

Simply pee on the stick on several exposed strips that will then test for a number of wellness and healthcare factors. Depending on the contents of your urine, the color of the strips will change, which is where your phone comes in.

Using the Vivoo app on your phone, simply take a picture of the strip after a few minutes to give the results have had enough time to develop and based on the color of the test strips, the app will tell you whether you are drinking enough water, whether you are at risk for developing a urinary tract infection, as well as kidney and liver function among other factors.

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