Uber Suspends 240 Accounts in Mexico Amid Fear of Passenger Infected with Coronavirus

All it took was one passenger going on two Uber journeys to halt the car riding app for hundreds of people.
Fabienne Lang

The coronavirus keeps spreading, inciting fear and worry in many citizens of the world. Governments and agencies are taking their own measures to protect their people, and now Uber in Mexico has stepped up to the platform. 

Over the weekend the car riding app suspended 240 of its accounts in Mexico City as one passenger was suspected of having the coronavirus. 


What happened in Mexico?

Shock was the primary reaction when 240 Uber account holders in Mexico City discovered that their accounts were temporarily suspended.

These hundreds of people had traveled with two Uber drivers who had driven one person suspected of having the coronavirus. 

Uber decided to take the precaution and halted its services for users who had also been in contact with these drivers. The company shared the information via a Twitter post in Spanish. In their statement, the company shared the contact details of Mexico's Epidemiological Intelligence and Health Unit so those affected could gather more information regarding symptoms of the deadly virus. 

So far, there are no confirmed coronavirus cases in Mexico, and the country, quite naturally, is looking to keep it that way. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed the rapidly-spreading coronavirus a global health issue. So far, there have been 304 reported deaths, and over 14,550 cases confirmed worldwide over 23 countries. The list keeps expanding, so it's quite normal for companies such as Uber in Mexico to take such measures. 

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The coronavirus began in Wuhan, a city in Hubei province in China. Symptoms are flu-like. Regular hand-washing is advised, including wearing masks when in public areas, minimizing travel to and from China unless absolutely necessary, and avoiding unprotected contact with farm or wild animals, among others. 

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