US Sets Global Record as It Reports Over a Million Coronavirus Cases in a Day

Numbers do not take into account home tests that are not reported to authorities.
Ameya Paleja
The Omicron variant has caused a severe uptick in cases in the U.S.Ergin Yalçın/iStock

The U.S. set a global record of daily cases as it reported over a million COVID-19 cases on Monday. Given the New Year and weekend coincided, a backlog of cases was expected to result in a substantial rise in reported cases, USA Today reported. However, the rise was unprecedented, not only in the country but also across the world. 

The U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has already declared the Omicron variant was the leading cause of coronavirus infections in the country, over two weeks ago. The highly transmissible virus is rapidly spreading through the U.S. population as reported cases have now almost doubled in just four days. The numbers had previously doubled just a week prior, Time reported.   

Data being collated by the Coronavirus Resource Center at John Hopkins University on Monday evening showed about 1,042,000 cases, USA Today reported. This is more than twice the previous global record of cases that were reported in May 2021 as India faced a surge in cases due to the Delta variant, Time reported. 

While these numbers in the U.S. include backlogged cases over the New Year weekend, they do not include the tests that individuals are taking at home, which do not have to be reported to authorities, Time pointed while calling the record numbers, still an under-estimate of the real situation. 

President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris are expected to meet the Coronavirus response team at the White House on Tuesday to discuss the future course of action, as every one in 100 Americans returned a positive COVID-19 test in the last week alone, USA Today reported. 

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The rise in cases has already resulted in flight cancellations, closed offices and schools, and overwhelmed hospitals, Time said in its report. It is also likely to bring the focus back on vaccine mandates in the U.S.. With about 62 percent of the population fully vaccinated and booster doses being made available to the adult population, the U.S. government is pushing to further improve its vaccination coverage. 

In November, the Biden administration announced that employees at large organizations, including the federal government, could either get vaccinated or submit to regular testing in 2022. Following the announcement, Starbucks has now asked its staff in cafes, distribution centers, and offices to reveal their vaccination status by January 10 or test on a weekly basis before reporting to work, Business Insider reported.  


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