Yale Scientists Release COVID-19 Treatment Algorithm

Researchers around the world are trying to come up with a cure against the coronavirus.
Fabienne Lang

Since its oubtreak in late 2019, scientists and researchers around the world have been working tirelessly on trying to create a vaccine or a cure against COVID-19.

So far, their hands have come up mostly empty. However, a large team of experts from the Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut has created a treatment algorithm for people diagnosed with severe and non-severe COVID-19. 


The Yale team

The team of experts from Yale, also known as the COVID-19 Treatment team, was led by infectious diseases physicians and has created a treatment plan for both severe and non-severe cases of the disease. 

The algorithm includes a list of recommended medications, including why these should be used, mentioning their potential adverse side-effects, as well as other important information. 

What's fascinating with this Yale team is that it has truly incorporated a wide range of experts from numerous fields, from infectious diseases, pulmonary and critical care, allergy and immunology, rheumatology, hematology, to hospital pharmacy, among others.

"We have representatives from many disciplines who worked on developing the treatment plan and who meet frequently to evaluate new developments," explained Charles Dela Cruz who is part of the group.

"We’ve worked with the doctors on the floor treating the patients to determine what other markers or clinical findings should be reviewed. We have a set protocol now to treat these patients and will continue to look at the data to see if the algorithm needs adjustment."

Yale Scientists Release COVID-19 Treatment Algorithm
Yale's non-severe COVID-19 patient algorithm. Source: Yale Internal Medicine/Twitter

At this stage, it seems vital to include a large grouping of various experts given still little is known about the virus. As Maricar Malinis from Yale explained "Since this is a new virus, we created this plan based on accessible information, clinical observations and personal communications with other experts."

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"We are sharing our algorithm now in hopes to help others with patient care," finished Mailinis. 

Yale Scientists Release COVID-19 Treatment Algorithm
Yale's severe COVID-19 patient algorithm. Source: Yale Internal Medicine/Twitter

The algorithm is so far based on the knowledge and information that's available to scientists, as well as personal observations, and shared communication with various institutions. The document is subject to change, as more and more light is shed on the coronavirus. 

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