Blood type may determine if you test positive for Covid-19, 23andMe data suggests

A recent study of 750,000 people showed that your blood type can influence the likelihood of whether you get COVID-19.
Marcia Wendorf

A recent study by genetic testing company 23andMe of 750,000 people finds that those who have blood type O are less likely to catch the Covid-19 virus than those having other blood types.

"Individuals with O blood type are between 9-18 percent less likely than individuals with other blood types to have tested positive for Covid-19, according to the data," the company writes of its findings.

Backing up that statistic was that people with Type O blood who had been exposed to Covid-19 were between 13 percent and 26 percent less likely to test positive.

The researchers at 23andMe suggest this finding shows more evidence between the Covid-19 virus and the ABO gene that determines blood type.

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