Here's How You Can Learn To Update Your Laptop Hardware To Improve Speed

Don't waste hundreds of dollars outsourcing your laptop repairs to a third party. This simple course will teach you how to upgrade your storage, RAM, and much more for just $12.

Although your laptop is a machine, it’s far from immortal. In fact, it’s common to notice a significant decline in a computer’s performance after just two or three years of frequent use.

Of course, most people choose to send their faltering laptops to a professional repair shop, which can all too often cost almost as much as a brand new computer. But if you love to tinker—or you’re interested in learning more about engineering and electronics—there’s a far more productive and affordable option.

The online Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling course will teach you how to successfully (and safely) restore your laptop to its original glory, all while outfitting you with the fundamental skills and tools you need to work with electronics in other environments as well. And right now the entire course is available for just $12—over 80% off its usual price.

This course is geared toward anyone who’s shown an interest in the inner workings of computer hardware but hasn’t known where to start. Computer hardware is inherently complicated, and cracking open your laptop without the right training can be a costly mistake.

With 18 easy-to-follow lectures, this course introduces you to everything from the absolute basics of common hardware components like hard drives and RAM, to the more complicated aspects of laptop maintenance—such as removing and replacing your keyboard, motherboard, and CPU.

Each module is designed to help you increase your laptop’s performance, meaning you’ll walk away knowing how to upgrade your computer’s speed, storage, cooling unit, and more.

Your instructor, Matt Thomas, is an avid computer hardware fanatic who’s earned a widespread reputation for being able to break down and distill complex engineering ideas into easily-understandable bits.

Embrace your inner tinkerer and engineer while saving hundreds of dollars on third-party laptop repairs with the Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling course—on sale for over 80% off at just $12.

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