House of wax is latest art installation of Alex Chinneck, hurry before it melts

House of wax is latest art installation of Alex Chinneck, hurry before it melts

If you want to see the latest art installation in London from Alex Chinneck then you better not hang around. He has erected a full size house that is made from wax - and it's melting away day by day. The project has the title of A Pound of Flesh for 50p and the melting wax has a great effect and changes the façade on a daily basis. So if you want to check out the house of wax you better hurry before it melts away.


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

Alex created his latest art installation in central London for the Bankside Merge Festival. The building is situated on the site where an old candle factory used to stand and when it was first erected, it looked just like any other British brick house.


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

However while the façade looks as though it has been made from normal bricks, they are actually 8,000 paraffin wax bricks. Experts and collaborators spent 12 months working alongside Chinneck experimenting and then the bricks were cast in terracotta sand, to make them look like standard bricks.


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

Even the windows of the home have been made in wax and along with the rest of the house, they too will slowly melt away. Eventually there will be nothing left of the house but the roof. Chinneck along with the team have to help speed up the melting process of the house, with it being winter in London. They are using handheld torches, which also allow them to be able to manipulate the wax so as to give the best effect possible with the melting wax.


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

The project is expected to be in place until 18 November and by this time the whole house will have melted away apart from the roof, which should be sitting proudly on the top of a pile of wax.

alex_chinneck_pound_of_flesh-23 alex_chinneck_pound_of_flesh-18






[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]


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