Insanely Useful DIY Mini Dremel

This guy created mini pocket saw that uses a bottle cap as the blade and can be held in the palm of a hand. See just how useful this can be!
Trevor English

If you consider yourself a handyman, you probably own a Dremel or other small rotary tool to help out with those finicky projects. In case you wanted to make yourself a rotary cutting tool to add to your tool chest, or maybe just play around with some motors, we've got you covered. This project is super simple but the end result is a pretty amazing cutting tool that uses an old bottle cap for the blade! Check out how to make yourself a useful mini Dremel for cheap with just a few materials below.

I know that the first thing I did after seeing this video was make a list of everything I needed and head to the store. So here's what you'll need: A 9V battery, battery clip, hot glue, a small motor, a 2 terminal switch, tape, a ballpoint pen, a hammer, scissors, and a knife. While that may sound like a lot, you should be able to find most of that around your house, and the rest at your local hardware store.

It is actually a fairly simple design, and in the video he uses it to cut through some fairly tiny sticks of wood. You could probably cut through a 2x4 with this, but it would likely take you several hours, and many batteries of work. The one nice thing about this design is that if your bottle cap blade ever dulls down, simply pull it off and hot glue another one right on.

While you're looking for a motor too, the MOXER drive motor available here, could be incorporated into this build as well to fully automize the cutting process.

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Every engineer is going to love spending their afternoon creating this fun little tool, even if they don't have anything to use it for. Having a pocket saw seems just like the thing you might want to keep handy in case the zombie apocalypse comes knocking at your door. Stay tuned to Interesting Engineering to check out more awesome DIY projects to tackle in your future free time.

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