LEGO just unveiled its NASA Mars Rover Perseverance model

For anyone who is a LEGO and space exploration fan, the upcoming release of LEGO's NASA Mars Rover Perseverance will come as excellent news.
Christopher McFadden
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LEGO has announced the impending release of its latest space exploration-based kit, the NASA Mars Rover Perseverance. Kit number 42158, the new LEGO set, is in its highly popular LEGO Technic format, and even comes with an interactive app to help bring the model to life.

It is scheduled for release on the 1st of August 2023, aimed at ages ten and over, and consists of 1,132 pieces.

This LEGO® Technic™ building set measures over 9 inches (23 cm) high, 12.5 inches (32 cm) long, and 9 inches (23 cm) wide. It comes with a model of the Mars Rover, obviously, but also a smaller companion model of Perseverance's Ingenuity helicopter too. And, we must say, it looks absolutely incredible.

"Give kids an adventure to remember as they build a LEGO® Technic™ toy version of NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover (42158). This building project is perfect for kids with a passion for science and technology and comes with an augmented reality app experience that lets them learn more about the environment on Mars and the rover’s mission," explains LEGO.

This model is designed to provide children with an opportunity to learn about the challenges that the NASA Perseverance Rover and its companion helicopter Ingenuity face. It is packed with features such as 360° steering and a movable arm, and fully articulated suspension which allows the vehicle to maintain traction on all six wheels, even on uneven surfaces. The toy also comes with buildable details including a power unit, antennae, cameras, and scientific instruments.

Like many modern LEGO kits, it also comes with its own dedicated digital building guide via the LEGO builder app. Users are able to explore the model in 3D prior to building it for real and also lets them save sets and track their build progress. The app also lets children fully immerse themselves in the experience through alternative reality features that bring the model to life.

The model can also be remotely controlled via the app, enabling them to manipulate the rover's arms and move it around. Quite frankly, this is the perfect purchase for your budding little space engineer or, of course, older "children."

Check out LEGO's dedicated website for more information.

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