IBM Makes 5 Bold Predictions About 2022

IBM Makes 5 Bold Predictions About 2022

Very often, predictions of future technology are comprised of over exaggerated ideas that are outlandish adaptions of current technology. Much Like Jules Bois' prediction of the flying bicycle in the year 1909. However, IBM has come up with a few predictions of their own, which are a little more down to earth.

Artificial Intelligent Diagnostics

IBM believe that in the next five years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will be able to predict and monitor people's emotions such as depression and anxiety. In addition, advancements in technology will allow for the early detection of diseases such as Parkinson's, Huntington's and Alzheimer's.

All this will be achieved by algorithms embedded in mobile devices that are constantly scanning mobile users' speech patterns and sampling their voice for usable data.

Advanced Visual Perception Via Hyperimaging

AI will grant us the ability to see beyond the visual spectrum; making the invisible, visible. Hyperimaging will allow us to see microwaves and infrared images by using mobile devices. Cars equipped with this technology could 'see' through foggy weather, preventing possible collisions.

Wearable devices that can correct certain degrees of tritanopia (color blindness) already exist. EnChroma is glasses that enhance color perception by separating light into its primary spectral components. This allows 'colorblind' people to see normally.

Consolidating the Earth's Data Using Macroscopes

Our visual perception of the world around us is limited to the tools that we observe it with. Macroscopes, a new tool that can collect data from billions of devices can help us better understand the world around us.

All connected devices will feed information that can be consolidated into usable data. Understanding how everything is connected means getting one step closer to predicting future social and political conditions.

A Laboratory In the Palm of Your Hands

Diagnostic devices will substitute laboratory testing. In 2020, illnesses such as cancer can be detected in the early stages by simply wearing a device much like a Fitbit or a heart rate monitor that constantly samples your bodies excreta.


Early diagnosis of illnesses can significantly increase the chance of survival.

Preventing Pollution Before it Occurs

Pollution sensors fitted around the world will detect leaks such as Methane gas. The sensors can be fixed in the ground or fitted to drones. This will allow us to pinpoint pollution hot spots thereby reducing the impact on global warming.

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Written by Terry Berman

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