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Military Mechanics

Military Mechanics will delve into the world of defense forces and have a look at the technology that is used to aid in their mission. A look from the past to the future of warfare.

Combat Tech

It can be understood as war technologies. However, in this video series, we explain how and why war technologies develop chronologically. We are looking for the answer to the question of what kind of an improvement caused a counter-development. A fun but also informative video series with lots of technology comparisons.

Engineers' Muse

A technique where engineers/scientists look at living organisms for inspiration on how to accomplish a task that has already been done by nature.

Imagine That

In this series, we examine events with a low probability of happening. We will narrate concrete events such as the stopping of the world spining, nuclear winter, the moon hitting the earth, we are faced with these situations.

Giant Machines

In this series, you will reach the climax of visual satisfaction and learn interesting information about giant tractors, construction equipment, and excavators which are called the giants of the engineering field.

Myth or Fact

Myth or fact is our series that will explain to us what we know wrong. Does human use 10% of their brain? Or if we jump in a falling elevator, will we survive? We will find answers to questions like.

Space Journey 101

A video series in which we explain space technologies and developments. It has a fun flow. We present arguments to the audience that if this development did not exist, this product would not exist today. For example, ballpoint pens that are useless in space. In short, it is a video series that we want the audience to associate with the products they use on a daily basis and space technologies.

Change The Future

Change the Future will explore the world of sustainability. Come with us as we meet with leading companies that strive to heal our Earth.

Hello Future

We will be examining start-ups or products beyond time. Short documentary or product videos to be made with the developers and engineers of futuristic products that are still in the development, testing phase or just finished.

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