How to produce sustainable and decomposable baby diapers?

This diaper manufacturing company produces eco-friendly diapers. Each minute 250 babies are born around the world.
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This diaper manufacturing company produces eco-friendly diapers. 

Each minute 250 babies are born around the world. And an average baby wears about 6000 diapers a year for like three years. That's a lot of disposable diapers in our landfills!

Due to the lack of sustainable alternatives, disposable diapers have been piling up in landfills since 1965. Today landfills are bursting at the seams with an estimated 400 billion traditional plastic diapers. And each diaper takes up to 500 years to decompose.

The first-ever disposable diaper may remain completely intact until the year 2465. And with the increasing population, the severity of the diaper crisis is increasing on Earth.

There must be other ways to get rid of these used diapers, or we will be surrounded by mountains of used diapers, which would stink!

But don't worry!

This company makes diapers that can decompose quickly. The soft fibers in the diaper are obtained with pure water weaving technology and are used to create the different layers of the diaper.

The first layer is the top sheet that makes contact with the baby's skin. Next is the surge layer, which is followed by the third and final layer, the absorbent core. About 100 seeds are added to the absorbent layer of each diaper. The absorbent layer is also biodegradable in nature. 

This means that once the baby uses the diaper, the absorbent layer can degrade, and the seeds can grow into plants, thus saving our planet from the very start. 

These eco-friendly diapers have been tested in the lab and showed up to 12 hours of absorption capacity. The biopolymers used in diapers are made from sugar cane which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to four times their weight!

As a result, they manage to avoid emitting twenty-four million pounds (10086 t) of carbon dioxide annually. This is almost equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide released by 34,848 cars in a year!

What's inside the diaper layers counts as well! All the layers are made from nature-based ingredients like natural bamboo, organic cotton, and almond milk instead of petroleum-derived raw materials.

Once the diapers are ready, they are packaged into 100% recyclable natural packages. About 350 million of these eco-friendly diapers are produced per month, ready to protect the environment and our future in any way they can. 

And it is only a matter of time before the whole diaper industry switches to this eco-friendly option.