M16 vs AK-47: Which one would you pick?

Both guns made their debut in 1997. (Golden Eye 007 for AK-47 and Tomb Raider II for M16) And since then, if one of them is in a game, the other is almost certain to be found there too.
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From video games to movie flicks, these action-packed and military or battle-inspired forms of entertainment feature either one of the most recognized weapons or even both. The M-16 and AK-47 are two weapons that can be easily distinguished by enthusiasts and more often than not, comparisons are made between which of the two is the better weapon.

Scenes from the original Predator film feature action star Arnold Schwarzenegger on fire using an M16. The same weapon was also featured in the 1983 movie Scarface, with Al Pacino’s character, Tony Montana saying the line: “ Say hello to my little friend” while blasting some enemies down. Meanwhile, films that feature the AK-47 include Lord of War in 2005 with Nicholas Cage and Tarantino’s  Jackie Brown in 1997 with Samuel L. Jackson’s character quickly recognizing the iconic weapon on television. 

Aside from being featured on the silver screen, the two weapons also made their way into video games. Of course, we are all familiar with those combat and battle games available on different devices and game consoles that feature both weapons but it was in 1997 when both guns made their first appearances in video games. The M-16 first appeared in Tomb Raider II  while the AK-47 debuted in Golden Eye 007.

Through time, many variations have been made to these two weapons but they also have a lot of similarities. Both weapons were actually invented by great weaponsmiths in history. Alexander Kalashnikov is the brain behind the AK-47 and while the M-16 was made by Eugene Morrison Stoner. These two weapons can actually be seen as two brothers from different fathers. 

In terms of gun mechanism, the AK-47 is air-cooled, long-stroke piston gas-operated with a rotating bolt. Meanwhile, the M-16 is also air-cooled but direct impingement gas-operated, with a rotating bolt and straight-line recoil design. Both guns have their own pros and cons which may vary according to user preferences.

The range of the M-16 is generally said to be better and more accurate than that of the AK-47. However, when it comes to cost, AK-47  was designed to be an inexpensive but dependable weapon with approximately 75 million units produced during the Cold War in comparison to the total worldwide production of M-16s amounting to approximately 8 million units.  Still, it is undeniable that both weapons are equally deadly and of course, the easiest-to-recognize weapon duo in the industry. 

Regardless if you already experienced using these weapons in real life or observed them in films or games, which of the two do you think is the best?