Top 5 biggest ships in the world

This video contains the biggest ships of all times. They may make you question the size of Titanic. Let’s see how big they are.
Interesting Engineering

From little rafts to going across lakes, man’s ambition to build bigger and better took him to boats, then to ships, cruises, and commercial, and continues to push these limits today. This race has taken him to some of the largest sailing ships today. 

The first on our list today is the MS Allure of the Seas, an Oasis-class cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean International. Weighing 12,000t, the ship is 1,181 ft long, 213ft above the waterline, and has a maximum beam of 154 ft- longer than four American football fields, and as tall as a 25-story building, this floating city boasts seven neighborhoods spanning 16 decks, and is capable of accommodating 5,400 passengers staterooms and loft suites. The MS Allure of the Seas, even with all of its fitness, sports, and entertainment facilities isn’t a sloucher and can do a cruising speed of 22 knots.

From one of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships, let us look at Pioneering Spirit, the largest construction vessel, as tall as a 30-story building. This ship can install pipelines and has the impressive ability to remove offshore platforms in a single piece. It cuts through the steel legs of these platforms and then lifts them off the seabed by making use of its advanced systems, thus limiting the amount of debris and minimizing environmental damage. Pioneering spirit sails under her power and at a high transit speed fitting worldwide use.

On 23 September 2020, CMA CGM Group entered Jacques Saadé, the first LNG-powered container ship to commercial operation. This 1,062 ft long massive ship has its cockpit equipped with cutting-edge digital technologies that aid the commander and crew, especially during port maneuvers. Jacques Saadé holds the world record for the most filled containers on a single ship. Despite its massive size and stature, the CMA CGM Jacques Saadé is designed to be efficient, a goal aided by its advanced propulsion systems and fuel-efficient engines.

In 2019, MSC Gulsun launched and became the world’s largest container ship at the time. This ship, with a capacity to carry the same amount of cargo as 23,000 shipping containers, is a marvel of modern technology. State-of-the-art engines make it one of the most fuel-efficient ships of its kind, a feat that is more impressive when you factor in its aircraft carrier rivaling width.

The world’s largest offshore facility- longer than four Airbus A380s placed end to end, is Prelude FLNG. This 1,601 ft giant is designed to be mobile and is equipped with technology that allows it to extract, process, and liquefy natural gas at sea, enabling the extraction of natural gas from remote locations. 

Spurred on by the successes of these, man continues his race to build bigger and better.