World's top 5 biggest land based cranes

We'll look at the top five tallest land-based cranes, which tower above the skyline and are used in construction and heavy industry all over the world.
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The top five tallest land-based cranes in the world are rightly impressive and used in construction around the world.

The fifth tallest crane is the Demag CC 800-1 TWIN, which is a 768-feet (234m) high crawler crane. It has a lifting capacity of 3,200 tons (2,903 metric tons) and its main boom and luffing jib’s maximum distance goes up to 384 feet (117m).

This behemoth crane has four hoist winches, a boom derrick with two winches, a boom hoist, a luffing jib with two winches, and a slewing mechanism. These booms and jibs can be combined to create three different configurations.

The next on the list is another crawler crane also introduced by the Demag, this time, one that is 787-feet (240m) tall, with a lift capacity of 1,600 tons (1,452 metric tons). Its frame has longitudinal beams with three rope drums and a boom hoist.

The crawler’s control system includes two multicolor monitors, a load indicator, automatic power control for minimal waste, standard working range limiter, and a ground pressure indicator.

The third nominee on the list is the Mammoet PTC 200 DS – the only “ring crane” on this list. A ring crane is a large construction crane that has a luffing jib. There are only a few in operation and all are operated by specialized heavy-lift companies.

This crane comes with a slew pivot that forms a ring instead of a small center spindle. It is 807-feet-long (266m) and can lift up to 5,000 tons (4,535 metric tons).

The runner up is the Liebherr LR 13000 – the second tallest land-based crane in the world. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 3,000 tons, making it ideal for power plant construction. Despite its size, this colossal crane can be transported at minimal cost. Moreover, it is the only crawler crane in this class to operate without derrick ballast.

This crane is powered by two eight-cylinder Liebherr turbodiesels, giving a total of 1,360 horsepower.

Finally, first place goes to the Sarens SGC 250, affectionately called Big Carl. This is the largest ring crane in the world both in size and capacity. It stands 820-feet (250m) high and resides in Atlanta. It requires 12 CAT engines grouped in six pairs to operate, with each pair producing 420 horsepower to create an impressive 5,040 horsepower.

This goliath of a crane has a maximum load moment of 275,577.8 tons (250,000 metric tons) and can lift up to 5,511 tons (5,000 metric tons). All in all, it is the sturdiest crane of its kind, kitted out with all the capabilities of a fully mobile ring crane.