With a capacity of 250.000T/m, the SGC-250 continues to be the largest land-based crane in the world

Discover the power of Sarens SGC-250, the world's largest crane.
Interesting Engineering

In the world of heavy lifting and engineered transport, Sarens has established itself as a global leader. The company's success can be attributed to a combination of cutting-edge design tools, a massive inventory of cranes, transporters, and specialist rigging equipment, and a team of highly qualified professionals.

One example of Sarens' expertise can be seen in their recent work on a bleacher project. In a new episode of the show "Giant Machines," viewers can see Sarens in action, performing a load-in, loading, and assembly of jackets for the bleachers. This type of work requires a significant amount of skill and expertise, as well as specialized equipment to lift and move heavy loads safely and efficiently.

In addition to their work on the bleacher project, Sarens is also making a statement with new UK-made caps. This move showcases the company's commitment to supporting local businesses and investing in quality products. By choosing to produce their caps in the UK, Sarens is helping to create jobs and support the economy, while also providing their employees with high-quality, stylish headwear.

Overall, Sarens' success can be attributed to their focus on innovation, expertise, and quality. By combining the latest design tools with a massive inventory of equipment and a team of highly skilled professionals, the company has established itself as a global leader in the heavy lifting and engineered transport industry. Whether they're working on a bleacher project or producing stylish new caps, Sarens is committed to excellence in everything they do.