CR10.90 - The world's strongest harvester with unprecedented capacity and performance

Experience Unmatched Performance with New Holland's CR10.90 Combine Harvester
Interesting Engineering

New Holland's Harvest SuiteTM Ultra cab was designed with the farmers in mind, providing a comfortable and easy-to-use environment to make long days and nights of harvesting more manageable. The cab boasts a spacious 131 cubic-foot interior, which makes it the roomiest cab available in the market. Furthermore, it is the quietest cab on the market, which can help farmers stay alert and work precisely.

While the Harvest SuiteTM Ultra cab provides a comfortable working environment, it is the New Holland CR10.90 that truly stands out in the field. This powerhouse harvester, with an impressive 653 horsepower, broke global records in 2014 when it harvested an astonishing 797,656 tons (724,000 metric tonnes) of wheat in just eight hours, cementing its position as the world's most potent harvester.

The CR10.90 has attracted a lot of attention since its debut, particularly during its demo tour in Poland in July and August of 2015. The machine stopped at 15 different locations in Poland, where attendees marveled at its remarkable capabilities that had earned it a world-record-breaking title.

Although the CR10.90 is still the largest combine that New Holland produces, it has since been replaced by the Revelation. Nonetheless, the CR10.90 remains a formidable machine and a testament to New Holland's commitment to innovation and excellence in agricultural machinery. Its Harvest SuiteTM Ultra cab and high-powered engine demonstrate that New Holland is dedicated to improving farmers' lives by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.