Is it possible to become immortal with AI technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a marvel of modern technology. So much so that it may be the answer to immortality.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a marvel of modern technology. So much so that it may be the answer to immortality. 

Take the “2045 Initiative.” This developing project aims to create tech that will enable someone’s personality to be transferred from a human body into a non-biological carrier. And, as the project’s name suggests, this may happen as soon as 2045.

Currently, our immortality options are less personality-based and more information-based. 

For instance, there are apps that use AI to turn photos into moving images so that people can see their deceased loved ones virtually smile or look at them.

On top of that, AI has made it possible to text, talk, and have a video call with your loved ones after they have passed away. These websites or apps typically function as a chatbot – using the slightly more morbid term deadbot – that has collected data and information about the deceased from the internet. After all, our digital footprint is high these days.

Just think about how much of our lives are posted on social media sites, company websites, articles, etc. So even though the bot doesn’t actually know how your loved one used to talk, act, or react, it can gather enough information online to mimic them in a convincing manner and to build a believable digital representation of them.

The question now is how do we create immortality? How can we use AI technology to entirely erase the grief we experience when someone dies because they simply wouldn’t die? The answers lie in never having to give up our physical bodies. 

Enter projects like the 2045 Initiative. Mostly created by grieving people, the focus of these apps and websites is to help us cope with the pain of losing someone we love.

Instead of using AI to collect information on the internet and create a bot version of our deceased loved ones after the fact, there could be ways of instantly synchronising our experiences and memories into a digital replica of our brain, and storing them in the cloud. 

Then, once we die, our consciousness would remain intact as an artificial cloud-stored brain. So even though our human body would die, we could simply insert our consciousness into an artificial body, and we would continue to live. 

It all sounds like a distant dream, but 2045 isn’t that far around the corner!