Marina Bay Sands: An engineering Marvel

Did you know this is the most complicated building ever created?
Interesting Engineering

Planning already for the next travel destination? Should you plan to visit Asia, it would be nice to check out Singapore, one of the Asian Tigers of the continent. Singapore is home to several attractions starting from its world-class airport, the Merlion, the Botanic Garden, and more. But if you are into a luxurious lifestyle, entertainment, and fan of architecture, one thing that you shouldn’t miss when visiting the country is Marina Bay Sands.

This marvelous structure is known for having three high-rise buildings with a huge boat-shaped structure on top. The Marina Bay Sands is actually an integrated resort owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation and was designed by Safdie Architects. 

The design of the building is actually inspired by a house of cards. Two cards facing together form a triangle and laying another card flat on top of these two cards would create pressure to bend the two cards inward. This is the concept behind the three buildings of the resort which can be seen as three house cards connected by three flat cards on top, representing the boat-like structure. 

Marina Bay Sands has three 55-story towers with a boat-like sky park on top measured to be 1.2 hectares(12000.00 m²). It offers a different kind of experience from hotel rooms, casinos, museums, public spaces, and many more. It even houses the world’s largest infinity edge pool with a capacity of almost a million and a half liters of water. 

Aside from the luxurious experience this integrated resort provides its guests, it actually has a lot to offer from its architecture, engineering, and interior. 

The design was created to integrate the building according to Singapore’s dynamic urban city landscape. Initially, the plan was to create a single massive tower but was later changed to the current and iconic three-tower structure with a boat on top. 

The way that the Marina Bay Sands is structured allowed the pedestrian street to become the focal point of civic life. Several architectural integrations were also set in place as design solutions to some problems encountered while building, allowing it to become an engineering marvel. 

From the inside to the outside, the Marina Bay Sands is truly a breathtaking and iconic building. This beautiful structure should be on your list of places to visit if you ever plan on going to Singapore. Whether a fan of luxury or not, being able to see this building in person to appreciate it is already something not to miss.