Elon Musk VS China: Battle over the orbit

Elon Musk and China are in competition with each other to take over the orbit with satellites. Who will win?
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SpaceX's Starlink was initially touted as a game-changer for the internet industry, promising affordable and high-speed internet access to people all over the world, even in remote places. But years after its launch, the service's high entry cost and monthly subscription fee have made it less accessible than initially thought. However, the company's dominance in orbit remains undeniable, until now.

China recently announced its ambitious plan to launch nearly 13,000 satellites into space to compete with Starlink. The Chinese government's plan aims to expand the country's communication network and improve internet access to remote areas. However, it is clear that China's plan is also motivated by the financial and influential benefits of dominating the orbit.

While China's plan is still in its early stages, the possibility of a fierce competition between SpaceX and China's satellite network is imminent. The winner of this competition will hold significant power over communication and information, a prospect that both SpaceX and China are willing to fight for.

But China's plan also comes with a concerning announcement, that they are willing to equip their satellites with offensive tools to take out Starlink satellites. This could result in a dangerous arms race in space, where satellites are weaponized, and conflicts are fought beyond our planet's atmosphere.

The implications of this rivalry are significant, and the winner will not only control the communication and information networks but also hold power and influence over space exploration and the future of space technology. The competition between SpaceX and China's satellite network could set the tone for the future of space exploration, and it remains to be seen who will come out on top.