Scientists are turning Mr. Freeze's iconic weapon into reality

The Ice Ray gun, once confined to the pages of Batman's universe, is now a reality thanks to a groundbreaking discovery involving plasma and its mind-bending cooling effect.
Interesting Engineering

Every day, we are familiar with the three primary states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. However, beyond these states lies a fourth, less commonly encountered on Earth but predominant in the vast cosmos: plasma.

Often described as "big balls of fire", stars are in fact luminous spheres of this enigmatic state of matter. Plasma is unique because it is where substances become so ionized that they are highly electrically conductive, leading to a dominance of long-range electric and magnetic fields in its behavior. Recent scientific advancements have unveiled a method for on-demand cooling using plasma. By fine-tuning the type of gas, metals, and surface coatings, this technology can be manipulated, hinting at applications like a "freeze-ray" device.

While plasma might seem distant from our everyday experiences, its properties and the recent breakthroughs associated with it emphasize its significance. As we continue to delve into the mysteries of the universe, plasma not only connects us to the stars but also brings forth innovative applications right here on Earth.