Drone that will get rid of all sea mines

Thales' autonomous boat uses a unique drone, the Underwater Autonomous System (UAS), to detect and neutralize dangerous sea mines without human intervention beneath the waves.
Interesting Engineering

Navigating the depths of the underwater world has always been fraught with the peril of sea mines, endangering marine vessels, infrastructure, and cables. A pioneering response to this enduring threat emerges as Thales, a French defense company, unveils an unprecedented solution to tackle the challenge head-on.

Thales introduces an autonomous boat, remotely guided by land-based operators, equipped with an Underwater Autonomous System (UAS) – a cutting-edge drone engineered to autonomously detect and neutralize submerged mines. By harnessing advanced multi-aspect sonar and artificial intelligence, the UAS identifies potential threats beneath the surface. The remote operator then confirms and safely neutralizes the mine, without human intervention in treacherous waters. The drone's ingenious approach involves attaching a charge to the mine, accompanied by a surface tag warning, ensuring nearby vessels are alerted before detonation. This innovative technology has garnered contracts from the UK and France, with each system encompassing the drone, unmanned vessel, and sophisticated control systems, all deployable within an astonishing 24 hours.

Thales' revolutionary solution marks a transformative stride in maritime security, enhancing the ability to counteract sea mines and safeguard crucial marine assets. As global security challenges persist, Thales' autonomous system emerges as a beacon of hope, exemplifying the remarkable synergy of technology and safety in the realm of underwater threats.