How the special forces transport their displays and prop signs?

The new generation of special SOF land vehicles are as cool as they come.
Interesting Engineering

The special forces require a lot out of their transport vehicles, and this new generation is as cool and high-tech as they come. 

Meet the M1297 Army Ground Mobility Vehicle (AGMV). This is a U.S. Army, air-droppable, light off-road vehicle. The modular vehicle can be customized for deep reconnaissance, strike missions, and other various configurations. How Transformers do it!

This 17-foot-long vehicle has a curb weight of 6,834 lb and a payload capacity of 6,172 lb. The roll bar can withstand the entire weight of the vehicle, and the M1297 can even be topped with a 30mm cannon, 12.7mm machine gun, 7.62mm minigun, or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher! This would have definitely been G.I. Joe’s go-to jeep!

Our second new-generation special transport vehicle is the High Mobility Transport (HMT) - Extenda! This guy is a bit bigger and looks more like a fire truck. Already in use in six nations, the Extenda comes in 44 and 66 configurations. 228 inches and 10,802 lb, or 277 inches and 1,3000 lb, respectfully! That’s a lot of vehicle!

However, this beast is agile, mastering a 60% gradient! The Extender can be equipped with mine blast, ballistic protection kits, a variety of weapons, communications, ISTAR, mission hampers, and force protection equipment. 

Scaling down a bit, we have the HD4 — a new category of SOF vehicle. This is an electric, four-wheeled, all-terrain scooter! The scooter can carry two standing soldiers and is 66 inches long with a maximum payload of 440 lb. A trailer and a seat can also be attached, and the rider can choose between four-wheel or rear-wheel variants, making this scooter super efficient on any type of terrain. 

Staying on the smaller side, meet the Christini All-Wheel Drive Motorcycle. This is an absolutely outstanding motorcycle! It has a 450cc four-stroke engine and a light frame, giving this bike the kick fit for a SOF operator. These bikes are customized for each SOF’s team mission and application and are already in use from the U.S. Navy to Jordanian Special Forces. 

While everyone would surely like to get behind the wheel or handlebars of these special forces transport vehicles, the level of training and exams one needs in order to get the privilege of operating them is immense. So, I guess we’ll have to leave these to the professionals for now.