The CV90: a cold war warrior on Ukraine's modern battlefield

CV90, also known as the Combat Vehicle 90 is a versatile family of armored vehicles that was born from a necessity for high-performance combat machines during the Cold War.
Pelin Sener

The CV90, also known as the Combat Vehicle 90, is a remarkable family of armored vehicles that emerged from the need for high-performance combat machines during the Cold War. With its exceptional capabilities, the CV90 has proven its worth in various operations, including Afghanistan, and is now set to serve in Ukraine. This article delves into the impressive features and adaptability of the CV90, highlighting its role in enhancing Ukraine's defense artillery.

At the heart of the CV90's design is its robust all-welded steel armor hull, offering outstanding protection for its crew and passengers. This armored shell enables the vehicle to withstand 14.5mm armor-piercing rounds, with later versions reportedly capable of resisting 30mm APFSDS ammunition. To further enhance its defensive capabilities, the CV90 can be equipped with additional modular armor, providing heightened protection against threats like improvised explosive devices (IEDs), explosively formed penetrators, and larger 30mm armor-piercing rounds. For safeguarding against tandem-charge and shaped-charge warheads, cage armor can also be added.

The CV90's design strikes a balance between utility and defense. Depending on the variant, it can transport between six to eight soldiers, ensuring effective troop deployment on the battlefield. Despite incorporating modifications that added bulk and weight, the vehicle's weight remains at a manageable 30.42 tons (27.6 metric tonnes). This optimized design allows the CV90 to maintain its exceptional mobility and maneuverability, vital for operating in diverse terrains.

One of the CV90's standout qualities is its superior operational capability in extreme cold conditions. This attribute makes it an ideal addition to Ukraine's defense arsenal, where harsh winters are common. The vehicle's adaptability to navigate through challenging environments, including snow-covered landscapes, marshes, and swamps, further enhances its versatility on the modern battlefield.

The CV9040C, a variant of the CV90, is a result of collaboration between Swedish industrial giants Bofors and Hägglunds. This partnership ensures that the CV9040C exhibits top-tier specifications, meeting the Swedish Army's requirements for high mobility, anti-tank capabilities, and air defense. With its potent combination of firepower and protection, the CV9040C stands ready to face the challenges of Ukraine's modern battlefield.