How Skynex annihilates Russian drones in Ukraine

Skynex, developed by Rheinmetall, defends assets from diverse aerial threats, including drones, using AHEAD 35 mm rounds for ultra-short-range defense.
Interesting Engineering

The Skynex air defense system, developed by Germany's Rheinmetall, is a cutting-edge solution engineered to protect critical assets and structures from an extensive range of aerial threats, encompassing drones, helicopters, and conventional aircraft.

Tailored for ultra-short-range aerial defense, Skynex employs the Advanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction (AHEAD) 35 mm programmable rounds, offering a cost-effective alternative to missile-guided systems and imperviousness to electronic disruptions upon launch. With the capability to deploy up to four Revolver Guns Mk3, these unmanned units deliver exceptional accuracy and firepower, discharging an impressive 1000 rounds per minute. Equipped with their own array of sensors, including tracking radar and cameras, they autonomously engage targets designated by Skymaster, thanks to their specialized 35mm Ahead ammunition, ensuring even the tiniest threats are swiftly neutralized.

Beyond its core components, the Skynex system integrates the potent Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3, the Oerlikon Twin Gun GDF009 TREO, surface-to-air missiles, electronic warfare tools, and future high-energy lasers, establishing a formidable defense against diverse aerial threats, bolstering readiness against mass and swarm attacks in prospective scenarios. Capable of countering traditional aircraft, cruise missiles, drones of various sizes, and ground-to-air missiles, the system's reach extends to targeting mortars and artillery rockets within a 2.5-mile (4km) radius.

Given its exceptional features and capabilities, Skynex emerges as a pivotal asset, enhancing Ukraine's aerial defense prowess and fortifying its resilience against challenges within short to ultra-short range airspace.