Cues your pet gives before an earthquake

What if what we know is true is actually false and just a myth? Do you want to see the truth? Are you ready to find out if your pet predicts earthquakes?
Interesting Engineering

Whether you believe in it or not, predictions are somehow interesting. Think about being able to get a glimpse of things that have not yet happened. It’s like getting an upper hand in a game. 

On a serious note, predictions can be helpful especially if we are talking about natural disasters such as earthquakes. If predicting earthquakes were possible, people can prepare beforehand and lessen the impact of such occurrences. 

Changes in animal behavior have been associated with natural disasters. People think that animals become uneasy as they feel a natural disaster such as an earthquake approaching. 

Because of this, people have started to think that animals can predict when an earthquake is about to happen. 

Birds flying around in huge numbers and dogs suddenly barking for no apparent reason are just some of the signs that some people interpret that a disaster is coming. Now the question is, can animals really sense or predict earthquakes?

Unusual animal behavior before earthquakes has been observed as early as 373 BC. People during these times reportedly observed animals leaving their homes prior to the occurrence of a destructive earthquake. 

Considering that technology is not yet as advanced as it is today, people most probably used this as a sign of an earthquake approaching. Today, we have now some studies that tend to see if the association between animal behavior changes and predicting earthquakes can be proven. 

Scientists have checked for factors of disturbance in animal behavior patterns as well as reasons that could possibly prove that animals can sense earthquakes earlier than humans. One example of this is that animals can detect the gases emitted by quartz crystals prior to an earthquake happening. 

However, these factors cannot be seen as proof that animals can sense or predict earthquakes. This is because the changes in animal behavior and other factors should be thoroughly studied in order for us to actually see their relationship with earthquakes. 

With that being said, it means that some people shouldn’t be bothered about an earthquake coming if their dogs suddenly start to bark randomly. Although there is nothing wrong with being cautious, current scientific studies have yet to prove that such things can be used as a basis for sensing an earthquake before it arrives. 

Hopefully, as technology continues to progress over the years, we would be able to have a system that could predict when and where earthquakes will happen. This is because it would be an absolutely important thing to have, especially when earthquakes are events that have major impacts on the lives and welfare of people.