Why don't we have the Lightsaber from Star Wars

I know we have some awesome replicas and very realistic toys of these lightsabers but let's face it, as a grown man, I can't play with toys. I want to play with an actual lightsaber!
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Who doesn’t want a sword that glows and makes you feel like a Jedi? For many Star Wars fans, it has been a dream to hold a real-life lightsaber in their hands at least once in their lifetime.


About 55 years have passed since we got introduced to lightsabers in the first Star Wars film. It seems scientists have all the time in the world to develop robots and rocket engines, but not for a lightsaber. Well, “I find their lack of faith disturbing.”

In the Star Wars universe, a lightsaber is defined as a sword made of an energy beam. It contains special diatium power cells that enable the light energy to take the shape of a sword. However, the lightsaber that you see in the movies is mostly camera flashes and special effects. 

Scientists in the real world consider lightsaber as a beam of plasma held in the form of a sword under the influence of a magnetic field. This plasma beam can slice anything that comes in its way. 

Plasma is the fourth and least-discussed state of matter which is basically ionized gas made of ions and electrons. It forms 99% of the universe and the glow that you see in stars and auroras is also plasma. On Earth, it is used in neon signs, nuclear fusion reactors, gas cutters, fluorescent lights, and various other applications.  

Humans have created a lot of things using plasma but unfortunately, the lightsaber is not one of those. There are many toys, tube-shaped lights, and gadgets available in the market that mimic the looks and sounds of a lightsaber but the truth is none of them are worthy enough to turn you into a Jedi.

You may wonder that a lightsaber is basically a laser sword, so if laser lights are easily available why can’t we make a sword out of them? Well, you may have seen a lot of lasers but none of them would have been in a motionless state. There is no way we can hold laser light in the form of a sword unless we use a mirror on top of it.

But what kind of mirror would be powerful enough to withstand the power of a lightsaber. Also, did you ever see a lightsaber with a mirror? If you could only imagine how it will look, it’s not even worth trying. Yoda was right  “Do or do not. There is no try.” 

However, there is hope scientists would consider creating a Star Wars-like lightsaber in the near future. Maybe some of them are already working on it because like Maz Kanata we also believe —- “The belonging you seek is not behind you; it is ahead.”