Why don't we still have holo-stuffs from Star Wars?

If it's really "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it." then why don't we still have all the cool futuristic stuff from popular movies?
Interesting Engineering

Technological advancements leave us in awe, especially when thinking about the impact it creates in our lives. Usually, they are made for the improvement of living qualities and to make some tasks simpler. However, technology can also be used in creating entertainment and providing an experience that aims to be better than the ones that came before.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are just some of the technology we now have that integrates a whole new dimension into a reality that people can experience. It helps to move people into a different reality and experience entertainment like never before. 

Aside from the fun side these technologies offer, they can also be used for more practical things and have applications in several fields. 

All of these sound promising and interesting already. One might not even be aware that these technologies now exist. But what more could we add to fully transform the experience of a different reality? The answer might just be in holograms. 

Holograms are mostly present in sci-fi films we all loved to watch. Remember Princess Leia’s message to Obi-Wan Kenobi that was delivered by R2-D2 in Star Wars: A New Hope? How about the Holodeck in Star Trek as well as Futurama’s Holophonor? These are just some of the notable examples of holograms or better termed as holo-stuffs. 

Science fiction shows holo-stuff as items integrated very well into daily life and activities. This is where the holograms that we have today differ from holo-stuffs in the sci-fi world. 

The holograms we have today require a setup to allow the virtual images to be generated by a screen surface. This is very different from holo-stuffs which doesn’t require a similar set-up and integrates hologram technology into the actions of people. 

Having holograms generates a unique experience for people and the closest technology that we have is VR or AR. However, they require headgear and other devices to allow a user to fully immerse themselves in a new reality whereas holo-stuffs allow holograms to be integrated into reality itself. 

Although current technology shows that Star Wars or Star Trek level holograms are not yet available, it is not impossible for this type of holograms as well as other holo-stuffs to be available in the future. 

After all, VR, AR, and MR are technologies that we all thought to be something to exist only in science fiction but here they are now, fully functioning and available in the real world.