IIT Bombay Graduates Students in a VR Ceremony

Graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay received their diplomas in VR by their avatar representations.

Before COVID-19 rocked the whole world and the upcoming results were not quite well predicted. The little jokes went viral on the internet in the early pandemic period and turned into reality now

Every little daily detail got affected and everything became distant. One of the most important times of one's life, graduation ceremonies, had to be held online too. 

Avatars as students

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) is one of those schools holding a graduation ceremony online. However, they made it a bit fun and tried their best to make it close to reality, in a virtual way. 2,186 graduates participated in the virtual reality convocation ceremony, represented by their avatars. It wasn't just for the graduates though, faculty members and speakers were there. 

"The convocation is normally a chance for students to socialize with their friends and faculty one last time. This year the institute provided an opportunity for students to do so via virtual presence, allowing students to roam around a virtual campus, visit their hostels and departments virtually, and bump into/meet their friends and faculty." the institute declared.


The graduates, or the avatars, received their diploma certificates from the Director Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, who joined the ceremony by an avatar as well. 

As the graduate students walked on the stage, the applause did not stop a moment. 

The Institute explained that health comes first, therefore it was the best way to deliver the degrees to the graduates. They could just send the diplomas over to their homes, but they did not want to "deprive" the students of the "sense of achievement and pride." 

The virtual ceremony was a big event as two different Indian channels, YoutTube and Facebook broadcasted it live.

We wish the graduates a life full of success and joy now that they are aiming for a new path ahead. 

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