10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now

Looking for great Raspberry Pi 3 projects or ideas? Then we hope the following ten will give you some jumping-off points.
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Have you recently bought yourself a Raspberry Pi 3? Looking for some projects to get you started? Then the following 10 Raspberry Pi 3 projects might be just what you're looking for. The list contains some Raspberry Pi 3 projects for beginners as well as other project ideas for more advanced users. 

So without further ado, we'll just get into it.

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: RaspberryPi

1. Build your own game

We'll start our list of Raspberry Pi 3 projects with this great idea. The Raspberry Pi is perfect for anyone who wants to get started with programming. The Raspian OS even comes complete with pre-installed programs that make it easy as pie to get started. 

Creating your own game is a great way to start. It's quick (depending on the complexity of course), straightforward and you'll end up with something you show off to people.

Alphr has created a handy guide to get you started.

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: Alphr

2. Build a Game Boy

If you're not satisfied with your own game why not play some classics instead? You'll need to be a more advanced user to do this, but it's quite possible. The coding is too challenging and you'll essentially be making an emulator rather than the classic handheld platform. The bulk of the work will be in the form of soldering the components.

One chap called Travis Brown has produced a detailed log of how he did just this. The best bit is that the contraption can be used to play NES, Master System, and even some Linux-based games too. 

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: Pixabay

3. Make your very own wireless extender

With the aid of a USB Wi-Fi dongle, microSD card and, of course, the Raspberry Pi, you can actually increase the coverage of your wireless signal. This is the kind of project that really shows how flexible the Pi can be.

If you fancy doing this yourself there are some great guides out there. One example is from Guy Eastwood. He has created a handy step by step guide to set you on your way.

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: Pi-Point

4. Create a media center for your TV

Are you too cheap to buy Apple TV? Perhaps you want to have your own DIY solution to have all your media in one place? Maybe you are looking for Pi projects for home automation? Whatever your reasons creating your own home media center is a worthy challenge for any Raspberry Pi enthusiast. There are a few specific operating systems like RasPlex and Raspbmc that have been built to get you started. 

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These allow you to remote access media stored in other locations, so long as you have Wi-Fi of course. And you can control them all through an app on your smartphone. Here is a handy guide to get you going.

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: Hipertextual

5. Build your own download hub

The next entry on our list of Raspberry Pi 3 projects could prove very useful. Instead of filling up your computer with gigabytes of files and date use your Pi as a dedicated hub for your torrents, streams, and whatnot. This will help free up disk space and pressure on your computer's processor too.

This will also let you get on with the important things rather than waiting for your downloads to finish. Oh, and you add an extra layer of protection in case of malware or viruses being contained in the download. You can simply scrub them clean without the risk of infection.

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: BitLord

6. Create a cloud server

Did you know you can use your Pi to build your own online free cloud storage server? Of course, you'll need an always-on internet connection and an external hard drive, as well as your Pi, but it is possible. 

Why not dispense with the need to rely on Google Drive or Dropbox and use your Raspberry Pi 3 to build your own low-cost version. There are many tutorials out there but Lifehacker has made a pretty easy to follow one.

8. Make your own phone

Fancy making your own mobile phone? Fed up of forking out shed loads of your hard earned cash on iPhones, Android phones or Windows phones? Then why not make your very own PiPhone? To be fair, this is not an easy project and probably best left to the more advanced Pi users out there, but it is possible. 

This chap succeeded in building his own for as little as $160. Owing to the versatility and many connections, it is more than possible to turn your Rasberry Pi into your next phone. Bear in mind that you'll need compatible add-ons like a touchscreen, battery and GSM device as well.

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: DavidHunt

9. Make a bitcoin miner

Of course, you've already missed the boat when it comes to making millions in Bitcoin, but it might worth a punt for some extra income. For under £70 you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a Bitcoin mining machine

It'll come complete with a dashboard to show you the current exchange rate and many other features. The Pi is great for learning about tech and if you can master it, it could also make you a pretty penny. Who knows, it might just make you a fortune? But don't get your hopes up too much.

10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build Right Now
Source: Adafruit Industries/Flickr

10. Build a Pi Laptop

Finally on our list of Raspberry Pi 3 projects is this doozy. If you don't mind shelling out a bit more than the basic Pi kit you could try building your own laptop. There are kits out there, the likes of Pi-Top, to simplify the process but slotting together your Pi, a keyboard, 13.3-inch screen, and casing. 

It should be able to complete the project in one sitting. For those who are a little braver, you can put together a simpler and more portable 3.5-inch machine. This guide lets you build your own Raspberry Pi notebook with mini-keyboard. 

The final word

So there you go, 10 Raspberry Pi 3 projects you can get your teeth stuck into. Some are more complex than others but it is very clear just how versatile the Pi can be. With such a range of possibilities, the obvious question might be what you will do with yours?

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