10 of the Most Entertaining AIDungeon Stories Out There

The game will soon have voice support and a multiplayer version.
Loukia Papadopoulos

AIDungeon is an infinitely generated game that anyone can play. It creates AI-generated text adventures that feature limitless options with each new game offering a unique story. No matter what your type, it is bound to come up with something interesting to respond to.


On Saturday, the game's creators announced three breaking news. The first is that voice support for the game is on the way.

The second is that the developers are testing the first multi-player version, including up to five players. And the third is that the team got a new fundraising goal on Patreon.

The fun game has been garnering many users and over 70 000 stories per day, according to its developers. These enthusiastic users are sharing their stories with AIDungeon on Twitter.

We thought we would bring you 10 of the most entertaining AIDungeon stories:

1. The apology to Celine Dion

This fun game saw its developer apologizing both to the nation of Canada and Celine Dion. Why? Because it is all about the power of music.

2. The one with the baby in the light

This poetry is really touching even though we can't really make sense of it. Read it for yourselves and see.

3. The one with the avengers and more

This guy got to interact with the characters from the Matrix, the Avengers, Deadpool and more.

4.  The one where you are a Christmas ham

Feeling jolly over the holidays? Maybe it's because according to AIDungeon you are  Christmas ham.

5. The one where God shares the stupidest thing he has ever done

Need we say more?

6. The one where you glue his face back on

Because why not? 

7. The one about Dwayne Johnson

The text is surprisingly accurate on this one. How does it know?

8. The one with the galactic smuggler

What is more fun than a space adventure?

9. The one with the fireballs

Can soldiers really be fought through fireball spells?

10. The one where you try to taste electricity

Really? This one is way out there.

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