10 of the Silliest Inventions People Came up With (or Are They?)

The world of invention is a definite hit and miss one, but some are simply ridiculous. Check out our list of the ten silliest inventions.
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There are plenty of inventions around that most of us will ask "why the hell didn't I think of that? Equally, there are plenty of others that will make you giggle and ask "what the hell were they thinking? We've found ten of the "best" silliest inventions across the ages. Obviously, they must have seemed like good ideas at the time but seriously?

So without further ado, here are our examples for your delectation. They are in no particular order and this list is far from exhaustive.

1. Cat Duster Slippers

Let's face it shall we, I love cats but they do need to pull their weight around the house sometimes. How about starting with cleaning the floor on their travels around the house. Strap on some cat duster slippers and watch with pride as they help you with the housework.

Clearly, you might need to turn a blind eye when they lick their backside and then their paws. They've been doing that for years anyway. Thanks, "Tiggles" you've earned your canned tuna today. Please don't pee on the sofa!

2. Chopstick fan

Admit it noodles are an integral part of your diet, and so they should be! We love to eat them but hate either waiting for them to cool down or eat them hot! There is nothing worse than burning your chin or lips on "above ideal eating temperature". With this simple invention, which to be fair looks a bit "jerry-rigged", you can overcome these age-old problems for "noodlephiles". Simply turn on the handy fan and cool your noodles prior to consumption. What could possibly go wrong?

10 of the Silliest Inventions People Came up With (or Are They?)
Source: PigJockey

3. iPotty

Some help here for all those out there with toddlers. Potty training time? Do your children love to play games on a tablet or watch those mind-numbing programs for young children? Why not combine the two with iPotty.

This device lets you potty train your toddler whilst keeping them occupied enough to "do their business". The ethics aside from making your child addicted to electronic devices at a young age, just how clean is the tablet going to remain throughout this process?

4. Car Exhaust grill

We all have busy lives and for those of us with irritating commutes back and forth, there can be little time left to cook. The obvious solution is to combine these tasks into a single unified solution.

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10 of the Silliest Inventions People Came up With (or Are They?)
Source: Designboom

Save yourself time by cooking your dinner on the way home from work. You can cook your burger ready to eat as soon as you get home from work. Supposedly it's safe to eat but we can't help but think that some exhaust gases are going to contaminate your meal.

5. Anti-Bandit Bag

The sixties were an interesting time but all other events pale in comparison to this invention. It was designed to prevent thieves from stealing your bag and getting your stuff. The anti-bandit bag, designed by John Rinfret in 1963, had a chain that you pulled to open the bottom of the case.

All your prized possessions would then be scattered like the wind all around you. The only problem being that now the would-be thief can take their pick and save time separating the wheat from the chaff in their hideout. Thanks!

6. Curved Barrel Machine Gun

Do what now? Yes, now you can shoot around corners with the curved barrel machine gun! This M3 machine gun has a modified barrel that helps you shoot at those hard to reach places! What could possibly go wrong? Interestingly, this was also developed as an attachment by the German and Russian armies during WW2.

10 of the Silliest Inventions People Came up With (or Are They?)
Source: Joe Loong/Wikimedia Commons

7. Wire Baby Cage

Another one for young families out there, get your baby outdoors without leaving your high rise apartment. Why traipse down flights of stairs so you can let your baby soak up the sunshine or play in the park when you can hang them out of the window?

One inventor in the 1930s thought it would be a good idea to stick your baby in a cage and hang them out of the window! It was distributed by the Chelsea Baby Club in London for those families with no gardens or who live on the upper floors of high-rise buildings. To be fair it does look pretty secure.


8. Computer Privacy Scarf

Privacy on the internet is on the top of everyone's mind. Perhaps you are visiting some rather sensitive websites in public spaces or at work? Why not save yourself the embarrassment, at least on the screen, with the computer privacy scarf? Yeah so it looks a bit scary and frankly creepy but at least no one can see what your browsing on the "tinterweb".

10 of the Silliest Inventions People Came up With (or Are They?)
Source: TheDukeOfGranduer/Imgur

9. DVD Rewinder

Um ok, I wouldn't mind asking the inventor the rather probing question, why? Do we wonder if they actually sold any? Granted this may well have been a gimmick item or, perhaps, the greatest con of all time. If so, we congratulate your sir or madam.

10. Umbrella Shoes

Rain is cool, sometimes literally, and there is nothing worse than getting your shoes wet! How can one keep their feet dry during heavy rainstorms when caught in the open? Well, stick on some umbrella shoes of course! Granted they won't help you when stepping in puddles or getting splashed by passing pedestrians or cars but it's a good start. Right?

So there you go. Fancy buying, dare we say, using any of these in your daily lives? Clearly, we hope the answer is no for the more dangerous or potentially fatal entries. Especially the curved barrel machine gun! Do you have any suggestions for silly inventions you've come across? Feel free to add them to the comments section.

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