10 Weird Things You Can Do with Fidget Spinners

The craze of fidget spinners doesn't seem likely to end anytime soon. Let's take a look at some unusual things you can do with these devices.
Christopher McFadden

The craze of fidget spinners doesn't seem likely to end anytime soon. In the following article, we'll take a look at some of the unusual things you can do with these devices. Some are dangerous, so be warned. Enjoy.

1. Break some records

We'll kick things off with one of the more obvious ones. We as humans have an odd desire to stack flat things into a pile. It could be beer mats, coins or even massive blocks of rock or stone. It's in our DNA so why stop there? With the advent of fidget spinners, the obvious evolution is to use them as the building blocks for a tower.

There is even a world-record, well attempt, for this "trick". The stacking part is pretty straightforward. But spinning them whilst stacked? That is a skill to behold! The likes of fastest spin, biggest spinner spun etc. are likely to be the future record attempts, mark our words. We bet someone will even try to eat a record amount of them (actually there are edible ones, yeah we know "amazing").

2. Trick shots

Hot on the heels of the ongoing thirst for trick shots on social media, this was inevitable. Why use pool balls, frisbees or any other assortment of things you can throw when you can attempt trick shots with fidget spinners? To be honest, we weren't expecting much here, but after watching the video, we're sold. Some of these are remarkable, kudos chaps.

3. Dexterity related tricks (plus unnecessary Sonic and Super Mario-related tricks)

The age-old nuisance of "showing off" using the current craze kind of tricks is a given nowadays. Some of us here at IE are old enough to remember the Yo-Yo craze of the 1980's and 1990's. Don't even mention Pogs. We could never master "walking the dog", that still haunts us today.

This chap shows off how much spare time he has but exhibiting a variety of hand to hand, under the leg, finger to finger, forehead, and nose related tricks using fidget spinners. Enjoy, or not, we muted the video pretty early on and you should too. Only joking, we're just jealous of his skills.

4. Injure yourself

With any rapidly spinning things that contain sharp bits or metal in general, this "trick" should serve as a warning to all. Look at this spinner, it wouldn't be out of place in the armory of a ninja. Absolute madness. I don't blame her for passing the buck on this one. Who buys these?

Do not try this at home! If you do, perhaps you need to think about your life or wear armored gloves!

5. Hurt yourself some more

If the last video wasn't enough for you, why not try to stop a fidget spinner with your tongue? Yes, some people have tried this. Why are we not surprised? Later in the video, this chap recounts the times he used other parts of his face to stop the spinner. We don't know what else to say about it, to be honest. Moving on.

6. Prank someone/make bets/"magic tricks"

Hey, why not annoy people with these "tricks"?  Some are a bit naff, but others are pretty fun. Whatever your ethics, you could make some bets and earn yourself some extra cash. Of course, you could master these tricks and become the next Pen and/or Teller of fidget spinners. Or indeed develop your own magic tricks using them. Your call.

7. Smash your fidget spinner to pieces

Now you're talking. What could be more rewarding than taking some fidget spinners and tearing them to pieces? This is something we could do all day long. A hammer would be our first choice, perhaps dropping them of very tall structures would be next. This chap takes it to the next level using a power saw. Good lad, we'd love to shake your hand sir.

7. Make your own customized fidget spinner

Why on earth would you spend you hard earned cash on buying a fidget spinner? They can easily be made from everyday items you might find around your house. Alternatively, you can raid possessions of your  friends and family. How could they be angry with you by cannibalizing their favorite skateboard into a spinning piece of plastic/lego/metal?

8. Make a rare and precious metal fidget spinner

This cheeky chappy decided to make his own fidget spinner out of molten metal. He chose Gallium, but there's nothing stopping you to use rarer or more precious metals to achieve the same goal. Well, apart from higher melting points and the budget to do so. Who knows, it could make you a lot of money? Or not. It actually looks pretty cool, to be honest.

9. Make videos/blogs about fidget spinners and earn some dosh

The craze of these seemingly innoxious devices is incredible. It is difficult to see just how long it will last. Why not jump on the bandwagon, develop your own tricks or hacks, film it and post it online? You could blog about them, review them or simply worship at the altar of the fidget spinners. Monetization and advertising could earn you some real extra cash. Some of the videos we have shared here have millions of views. That is frankly amazing.

10. Use them as intended!

Wow crazy idea, right? All these tricks, hacks and games are great "and everything" but what's wrong with just using them for what they were intended for? Originally the devices were marketed as aids for individuals to help with anxiety, autism, and ADHD. Spoilsports did we hear you say, yes we are. In all honesty, they are very good gadgets to stop those who play with their hands a lot. Maybe you bite your fingers nails or tap pens on the table, who knows. Just think of the relief your co-workers and family will have if you use one of these instead.

So there you go. Do any of these appeal to you? Will you try some for yourself? Are you a "fidget spinner-phile" or "fidget spinner-phobe?" Let battle commence.