11 Best Gadgets to Make Life Easier

From forgetting those commands you're learning in Linux or having watery coffee, here are 12 gadgets to make your life easier.
Trevor English
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Life is hard, but with so much technology nowadays, it doesn't have to be. Just like there is an app for that, there are also gadgets for every struggle throughout your day. Whether it be forgetting those commands in the programming language you're learning or having watery coffee, we have put together 12 of the best gadgets that will make your life so much easier.

1. LINUX Cheat Shirt

Source: Geeky Tee and Co/Amazon

Whether you have been programming in Linux for years or you're just beginning, this cheat sheet shirt is printed upside down so you won't be left without a hint. Most of what is on here is an overview of programs and commands that you would use in the operating system, but even the most experienced programmer forgets sometimes. Even if you just want to show off your geekiness, for only US$24.95, this shirt is fantastically awesome.

2. Music Writing Pen

music pen
Source: Noligraph/Amazon

If you happen to have a musical side, then you are probably going to want to check out this music bar pen. Aimed at allowing you to quickly and easily drawbars to write your music on, it can come in handy if you find yourself catching the creativity bug on the go. If music isn't your thing, this helpful pen could also be used to write five things at once, as long as they are the same, and you don't mind the words overlapping. Useful.

3. Remote Control Mop

remote control mop
Source: Kyosho/Amazon

Engineers are constantly in search of something to make their lives more efficient, or, at least, keep them from doing as much work. Instead of busting out the mop and bucket, you can just purchase this remote control mop and clean your floors from the couch! If you don't want to buy this for US$65.50, then just tie a ball of yarn to a remote control car, it should do the trick.


4. Bluetooth Trackers

tile bag finder
Source: Tile/Amazon

If you are constantly losing things, then it is time to invest in these Bluetooth tracking chips. They hook up to a mobile app that will direct you right back to where that lost item is. Do your kids keep running off? Tie this device around their wrist and never lose them again!

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5. Quick Laces

zip laces
Source: Lock Laces/Amazon

Eliminating the need to tie your shoes can literally save you minutes each and every day. When faced with saving minutes on your day and also being the person with the coolest shoelaces ever, it is hard not to buy this product. But really, with these laces, you can turn any shoe into a quick slip-on garment and save yourself from the hassle.

6. Cake Decorating Pen

cake decorating pen
Source: Lesirit/Amazon

Baking and decorating cakes is really an art, but sometimes you may want to try your hand at the process. Instead of fooling around with confectioner's bags and getting icing everywhere, you can use this icing pen to give you the perfect amount, consistently.

7. Sugru Molding Putty

sugru molding putty
Source: Sugru/Amazon

If you haven't used Sugru putty before, it's time that you got your hands on some. This magical putty can be used to fix absolutely everything, except relationships. Please don't put Sugru on your ex, it will probably make things worse. Sugru can be used as a ceramic glue, or even for fabricating a quick part to fix that other handy gadget. For only US$12, it is something every handyman needs in their drawer.

8. Bluetooth Child Pacifier

smart pacifier tem
Source: Pacif-i/Amazon

Having children is really stressful, from the sleepless nights to constantly worrying if they are okay, this gadget is here to help. This Bluetooth-connected pacifier will monitor your child's internal body temperature, as well as alerting you if they have lost it. If you have never been a parent, you probably don't understand how much worry this device has the possibility of taking away.

9. Jelly Cleaning Goo

slime cloth
Source: DOMIRE/Amazon

Modern electronics get dirty fast, so get your hands on this jelly cleaning goo and get all that dirt out of the hard to reach nooks and crannies. Not only is it fun to play with, but it is also really useful at keeping your electronics looking like you actually care about them.


10. Steel Ice Cubes

steel ice cubes
Source: Spirit Stones/Amazon

These steel ice cubes can be used to keep your drinks cool without watering them down. They are traditionally advertised to go with whiskey or scotch, but you could use them to chill your morning coffee or basically keep drinks cool without the melted ice.

11. Heated Butter Knife

heated butter pen
Source: That! Inventions/Amazon

Butter can be notoriously tricky to cut perfectly, but this heated butter knife will make the process literally like cutting butter. . . wait. Well, it looks like cutting butter just got that much easier!

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