11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House

Home security doesn't have to cost you a fortune or have you turn your home into a shrine to technology.
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Good home security doesn't have to cost a fortune. It also doesn't require you to spend a lot of money on smart home devices and electronics.

The following 11 home security mechanisms are great examples. 

1. Screen Doors Can Keep You Cool and Secure

"An Englishman's home is his castle" so the time-aged adage goes but even the mightiest fortress has its weak points, namely the entrances. Your home is no exception, especially in hotter climates.

If you need to maximize ventilation during summer months and keep pesky insects and, of course, would be burglars out, a security screen door is probably a good choice.

Many brands now provide screen doors made of high-tensile steel wire that pass or exceed Knife Shear and Salt Spray Testing. Such doors allow you to maximize ventilation and security in your precious home.

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Miguel Tejada-Flores/Flickr

2. Security or Protective Doors are Your First Line of Defence


Screen doors, of course, are only useful in hotter climates, for every other place and time your main access doors should be as secure as possible. If you have hollow doors you should probably consider changing these ASAP.

Hollow doors are vulnerable to burglars and should be replaced with solid exterior doors. These can be made from fiberglass, solid wood, solid wood core or metal. 

Some brands offer high strength doors capable of resisting bullets as well as hurricanes! Obviously heavier duty doors will need specialist installers.

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Pixabay

3. Installing Grilles to Windows Seriously Hampers Burglars

Another weak point to your home's defenses is your windows. You could go the whole hog and brick them all up or, if you like sunlight, install external grilles to prevent ease of entry.

Window grilles are an old but effective means of offering a physical barrier to would-be intruders. Although technically not speaking a mechanism, anyone serious about home security would be remiss to ignore their usefulness.

Many companies offer ornate or aesthetically pleasing ironmongery designs so your home doesn't need to look like a prison. Unless of course, that is the look you are going for. 

Installation is best conducted by professionals, however.

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Pixabay

4. Why Not Consider a .22 Blank Burglar Trip Alarm

If you prefer the 'rough and ready' solution to your home security you could consider building a .22 blank burglar alarm. This device will alert you to their presence and, hopefully, scare off the would-be intruder.

The loud crack sound generated by the 'trap' will not only betray the burglar's position but also let them know you are serious about security. 

This example is a small and easily concealed device to can be quickly installed. It can easily be 'loaded' using readily available .22 caliber blank that is readily available in certain countries, like the US. 

5. Shutters Provide Great Physical and Visual Deterrents

In the United States, in 2015, just under 1.6 Millon burglaries occurred nationwide according to an FBI study. 58% of these were the consequence of forced entry with access being made through windows and doors.

Shutters are another time-old security system employed by businesses and homeowners to protect their homes when they are out and about. They not only provide a physical barrier to unauthorized entry but are also a great visual deterrent.

Shutters tend to be very durable and most suppliers can provide them custom built for your home or businesses needs. 

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Pixabay

6. Deadbolts are Great For Preventing Lock Picking

Further to the stats given above, 65% burglaries involve forced entry, that means the remainder were able to 'pick' locks or enter unimpeded. 

The former might be hard to stop unless you have a protective door of course, but you can do something about the latter.

In order to maximize your home security, strong locks are an essential component. Standard spring-loaded locks are easily picked open, sometimes in less than a minute. 

This is where deadbolts come into their own. They are difficult, if impossible, to pick and can only be opened with a key. 

7. Reinforce Doors

As good as deadbolts are, they can't stop a determined burglar from breaking in with a well-placed kick or body slam. This activity usually splits the doorjamb (and often the door as well), and they walk right in.

To prevent this simple upgrade your door and jamb with reinforcing hardware. A simple method is to buy either a single or a double wrap-around door reinforcement plate kit and four long stainless steel wood screws and install appropriately.

You can also get a doorjamb reinforcement kit and/or follow these handy instructions.

8. Security Window Film Acts Like Safety Glass

Security window film is a handy and simple anti-burglary 'device'. It consists of a clear adhesive film that you apply to your windows.

If the glass is smashed, the break-proof laminate holds it together, a bit like safety glass. 

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Pixabay

9. Anti-Climb Window Sill Spikes Also Work on Pigeons

Anti-climb window sill spikes do exactly what it says on the box. These strips are cheap, easy to install and double up as anti-pigeon roosting devices. 

You can also add the strips to fences, walls and any other surfaces you want to make 'anti-climb'. 

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Amarand Agasi/Flickr

10. Fire Safe: The Last Line of Defence

If the unthinkable does happen and the burglars by-pass every single one of the other security measures you'll want to make sure your prized possessions are safe and secure.

There is a wide range of designs and manufacturers but make sure to invest in one that can be bolted to the floor. You can also find models that can be attached to a wall and try to keep it out of sight.

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Pixabay

11. Letter Catchers Prevent Mail From Piling Up

One huge giveaway that no one is home is to let your mail pile up behind the door. Simple devices like a mail-catcher trap letters so that they don't build-up on the floor for all to see.

Your mail is also hidden from view through the letterbox.

11 Easy Security Mechanisms Anyone Can Install in Their House
Source: Pixabay

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