11 Of The Best/Worst Weird And Secretly Genius Sleep Gadgets

A good night's sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind, but there might be better aids than these very weird examples.
Christopher McFadden

Getting a good night's sleep is vitally important to maintain your mood, stay healthy and will help you live longer. There are plenty of sleep gadgets out there but some are weirder and wackier than others.

These eleven are some of the weirdest you are ever likely to have the misfortune to be introduced to. But, in the spirit of fairness, some of these are actually secretly fantastic.

1. This Ostrich Pillow is very odd

weird sleep gadgets Ostrich Pillow

This Ostrich Pillow is one of the strangest things we've ever seen. Although we can see its utility as a sleeping aid, you do attract the risk of being ridiculed.

The name is very apt indeed, albeit based on a misconception about the habits of the Ostrich. The basic principle, as you can see, is to bury your head and hands inside a head-hand glove of sorts to get away from the chaos of daily life and get some rest.

Whether or not it gives you high-quality, sound and light filtered sleep is up for debate and would, surely, depend on the surface you intend to bed-down on. But this item could be yours for a cool 80 Euros and you get to choose your favorite color - lucky you!

2. This airplane head strap is secretly genius

weird sleep gadgets NapUp Fly
Source: NapUp Fly

NapUp Fly is a device specially designed for those who tend to fall asleep a lot on airplanes. The basic principle is to stick your head to the headrest preventing your head from falling forwards and sideways during flights.

According to their Kickstarter page "NapUp FLY is a unique, ergonomic and supportive in-flight personal sleep system.

If you love traveling but hate the discomfort that comes along with it than NapUp FLY is your ultimate 360° sleep solution."

The device attaches to any headset and holds your head upwards. It does this in a non-restrictive way and, apparently, "cradles your head whether you are sleeping or just relaxing".

To be fair, although looking a bit weird, this would be very useful indeed - if it works that is.

3. Never snore again with the Anti-Snoring Triangle

weird sleep gadgets Anti-Snoring Triangle
Source: Sleep Gadgets

Snoring is not only embarrassing but is potentially fatal if your partner decides enough is enough. Instead of taking the risk it might be wise to do something proactive for a better, safer, nights sleep.

This is where the Anti-Snoring Triangle comes to the rescue. This strange sleeping gadget effectively straps your jaw shut, thus preventing the main cause of snoring - your slack jaw.

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But, it needs to be said that snoring is also a sign of poor quality sleep. Snoring is actually a symptom of sleep apnea and can collapse the airways during sleep.

This can seriously disrupt your natural REM cycles and prevent you from getting good quality and refreshing sleep.

Although it looks very goofy, this gadget should actually be very effective. Never wake up tired, and with a grumpy partner, ever again!

4. How about this bona fide huggable robot

weird sleep gadgets Somnox
Source: Somnox/Amazon

The Somnox Sleep Robot Cuddling Pillow is two gadgets in one. Not only is it a weird sleeping aid but it is also a domestic robot, of sorts.

This robot comes in a pillow form and is designed to be cuddled to send you to the land of Nod. It is specially designed to help you drop off and stay asleep to give you the best night's sleep you could possibly have - apparently.

According to their website, it does this by " by slowing down your breathing, focussing your attention and playing soothing sounds". Oh, and did we mention it's a huggable robot - what's not to love.

It's currently available for pre-order but perhaps keep this weird sleep gadget a secret from your friends. They are likely to judge you or, more likely, steal it.

5. How about this portable partitioning band?

weird sleep gadgets B Tourist
Source: designboom

Unless you traveling with friends or family, or indeed because of that, there is nothing more annoying than the lack of 'personal space'. This is especially true during times of slumber.

That's where this very odd, and frankly anti-social, the gadget comes into its own. With the B-Tourist you get to set up your very own fabric walls literally partitioning you away from strangers on a plane.

This device is intended to provide you with some level of privacy away from prying eyes. Once set up you get to enjoy your food, watch a movie, read a book or, indeed sleep.

But it doesn't end there, you also get some extra storage space to put your valuables to prevent you from accidentally leaving them on the plane - not that you do that of course.

The only issue is when one of your neighbors need to take one of those inevitable toilet breaks, or indeed your good self. Oh, the humanity!

6. Here's another weird anti-snoring gadget

weird sleep gadgets airing
Source: Yamissi/Amazon

If the jaw-strapping anti-snoring device is not your thing then perhaps you'd like to stuff something into your nose. This device also looks a bit odd but is scientifically designed to help you to stop snoring - apparently.

This gadget is specially designed nasal anti-snoring device. It is officially, according to the manufacturer, "first maskless, hoseless, cordless micro-CPAP device."

In this sense its more an attempted cure for the underlying cause of snoring - sleep apnea. More specifically it is designed to tackle Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) caused by the collapse of soft tissues at the rear of the throat during sleep.

The device is still under development and is yet to receive FDA approval but is being developed in line with their very prescriptive requirements.

7. Skyrest is a peculiar headrest, child's footrest and more

weird sleep gadgets SkyRest
Source: SkyRest/Amazon

Here is another odd sleeping gadget for those who travel a lot in airplanes. It's called SkyRest, appropriately, and is specially designed to attract as much unwanted attention, sorry, rest, on a plane as humanly possible.

According to the manufacturer, SkyRest is "unlike any other travel pillow". Can't argue with that.

But let's be serious for a moment, this product is a specially shaped multi-application device that can be used as a bookstand, pillow, footrest, and much more, on the plane or out.

Specifically, regarding sleeping, it's unique-selling-point, apart from looking a bit odd, is that you lean forward to sleep rather than pinning it in place. This more natural and likely to be more comfortable.

8. Stop jet lag with these special sleeping glasses

weird sleep gadgets Re-Timer
Source: Re-Timer

Re-Timer is another weird sleeping device that claims to be able to cure jet lag. There are many other 'cures' for this first world problem from not eating on the plane or sleeping too little but these glasses might be the only one that actually works.

This device is a special kind of light device that helps your body know when to wake and when to stay asleep. It comes with a specially designed calculator that works out a schedule that will help you overcome jet lag.

The product is the culmination of 25 years of research and has been proven to manage sleep trends - according to their website.

Rest assured, pun intended, this device is your best bet at staving off jet lag. It also doesn't look too bad.

9. Check out this Pompeii-inspired bed

weird sleep gadgets Dominic Wilcox
Source: Dominic Wilcox

Does a bed count as a gadget? Well, it does now.

You've probably seen this on your newsfeed before, but this extreme bed certainly takes the biscuit. Although technically speaking, this is a work of art rather than a gadget, it had to be included on our list.

Apparently, the artist, Dominic Wilcox, was inspired to create the object it celebration of his favorite sleeping position. It might not be the most practical of sleep-aids it is certainly an interesting take on an everyday object.

The sculpture was one of his first works and was created in 1999 whilst he was still a student. Why not make your own?

10. This subway chin rest is odd and genius in equal measures

weird sleep gadgets subway chin rest
Source: Living Nomads/Pinterest

Oh, Japan we do love your ingenious minds. There are a literal plethora of crazy inventions from this 'nation of the future' but this strange sleep gadget is one of the weirdest.

If you find yourself nodding off quite regularly whilst commuting on the subway, then this subway chin rest might well be the perfect gift. You don't even need to sit down to get an awesome power nap after a hard day's work.

Simple attached it to the nearest compatible surface, rest your chin on it and sleep your way home. Granted, it leaves you looking like a bit of a plonker but you'll have the last laugh when you arrive home nice and refreshed.

You might well have seen this featured in many lists over the years, but it really has found its home here on our list of sleeping aids.


11. Why not charge your phone whilst asleep?

This is an older gadget but is one of the weirdest sleep-related gadgets we've ever seen. Called the AIRE, this gadget lets you charge your phone whilst fast asleep.

It also has the benefit of making you look like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises (or Shredder for our slightly older readers). The premise of this gadget is to harness the wind power generated by your lungs to save you a pretty penny on your electricity bills.

It contains a bank of small wind turbines that generate electricity to re-fill your phone's battery as you sleep. Not just that, let's be honest, it looks pretty mean too.

It doesn't have to be used exclusively whilst you're asleep mind you. So why not get one and look badass as you go for a run?

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