11 Times AR Was Used To Create Hyperrealistic Immersive Broadcasts

From a hurricane's eye to the Statue of Liberty, augmented reality brings the world's many wonders right to studios' TV sets and on to our screens.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Augmented reality(AR) in broadcasting has been making a slow but steady rise as media networks around the world begin to explore the technology's many capabilities.


This should come as no surprise as the medium is ideal for bringing the imagined to life in the real world. Where virtual reality forces users into its own completely fabricated environment, AR allows simulations to merge with reality in the here and now.

As such, the technology is ideal for broadcasters wishing to bring the outside world directly into their studios and on to our screens.

Here are 11 examples of broadcasters creating impressive hyperrealistic impossible scenarios that could only ever be experienced through the power of AR.

1. The Tour de France table

Danish TV combined AR with real-time data visualization, touch screens and live virtual set graphics to give us this unique interactive look at the Tour de France. The impressive outcome was a table that allowed the commentators to move the bikers around to showcase different race outcomes. Now if only we could understand what they were saying!

2. The Daytona 500 on set

The Weather Channel provided this impressive rendition of a Daytona 500 race car driving straight in front of the show's host. The simulation even produced realistic engine smoke! 

3. In the middle of a storm surge

This immersive mixed reality video used AR to show us what a storm surge would look like for the Carolina coast. Released just as Hurricane Florence was approaching, the video sent chills down viewers' spines.

4. The UFC fight

Think UFC fighting is scary? Well, don't look now cause AR just brought a whole other level of realism to the sport.

5. The Canadian election

The CBC brought the 2015 election results right into their studio floor with this AR illustration of each party's seats.

6. The driving warning

The Weather Channel thought it would be wise to illustrate why driving in wet leaves is truly dangerous using an AR simulation of an SUV on the road. We will definitely be taking their advice after this scary peek into a leaf-caused swerve!

7. The 2016 US election in Dubai

The 2016 US elections were likely the most worldwide discussed and anticipated ever in the history of the country. As such, Al Arabiya used AR to bring the election straight to their Dubai headquarters.

8. The eye of the storm

CBS This Morning gave us this exciting look right into Hurricane Florence's center. 

9. The world's tallest building 

The Weather Channel brought both the Statue of Liberty and the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, into their studio to illustrate just how much water fell during the South Carolina floods.

10. The tornado's ravages

This clip may just be the most impressive use of AR yet. The host is hit with ever tornado ravage ever witnessed from broken tree branches to fallen energized power lines, to vehicles violently carried through the sky. The effects are so realistic you fear for the host's life!

11. Snow in the studio

Ever wondered how precipitations form? This AR simulation courtesy of The Weather Channel explains the process by bringing a small neighborhood on the studio's floor. The snow can even be seen falling from the studio's ceiling.



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