11 Unknown Tools That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

You didn't know these tools existed until now but they'll be of great help in your daily life.
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Sometimes you need things that you wouldn't think you'd need one day. I know that it sounds complicated, but it's the truth. When the time comes, you think "Ah, I wish I had something to help me with this right now."

It's okay because it doesn't mean that you can't fix this situation. You can indeed. There are a lot of practical tools that you didn't know existed. And these tools can help you, even with your smallest problems.


If you want to take a look at what I'm talking about, be my guest. Here's a list of 11 tools that you didn't know you wanted in your house.

1. Loosening Tool For Hard-To-Reach Positions

Bolts are used everywhere, to hold the things together mostly. But they can also cause a lot of trouble when something is broken and needs to be disjointed. This especially leads to bigger problems when the bolt is in an unreachable position. Don't worry, because this loosening tool has got your back.

tool to loosen bolts in hard-to-reach positions from r/specializedtools

2. Wire Twister

It can be pretty difficult to twist wires on your own, so you definitely need a tool to help you. And you won't believe how fast this wire twister is. In a split second, it'll twist any wire you want. Or you can twist whatever else you want, and shout.

Magic Wire Twister from r/specializedtools

3. Toilet Paper Dispenser

You're having a relaxing toilet session, checking your phone, chilling after a long day, resting your eyes a little bit... And when you check the toilet paper roll, alas! It's empty. Yeah, I know the feeling. What are you going to do? Text your roommate? No, too much intimacy. You can't leave the toilet like that too, because, eww. Let's say, you got the toilet paper somehow, but isn't it a lot of work to change the old roll with the new one?

Not anymore, because this toilet paper dispenser will save your life by making it too easy for you to change the empty rolls. Of course, it doesn't have the ability to create a new toilet paper out of nowhere for you, but still, this is a great development which maybe, will lead to a better toilet paper technology, maybe a robot which will get a toilet paper for you, put it on, and throw away the garbage later.

So satisfying from r/NewProductPorn

4. Magnetic Can Hangers

It can be difficult to find an empty spot for cans in your fridge. You try to squeeze it next to your yogurt, it falls down. You try to put it on the shelf, nah, too tight for the can. There must be somewhere to put all of these canned foods. Where would it be? Maybe you can try to, I don't know, hang them? Not at the entrance of your house or something. What if I tell you that you can actually hang your cans in the fridge.

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These magnetic can hangers make it so much easier for you to find a place for your cans, and now your ketchup and beer bottles can heave a sigh of relief. 

Magnetic Can Hangers from r/specializedtools

5. Automatic Electric Tape Dispenser

When you need to do something with tape, it's always a problem to rip it off. Are you going to use your teeth? 9 out of 10 dentists would say no, I suppose. The one who wouldn't, well, s/he simply doesn't care. Are you going to look for scissors to cut it, like a loser? Well, I don't suggest it, my friend. There must be a cool way for it. Hmm, what would it be? An automatic tape dispenser, duh!

Automatic Electric Tape Dispenser from r/specializedtools

6. Peanut Butter Knife

Oh man, how many "empty" peanut butter jars did you cast away with peanut butter in it, in the points that cannot be reached with a regular knife or fork? Too many, right? Here's a great invention for you; a peanut butter knife that won't leave a single piece of peanut butter in the jar. Thank god, or more like, thank the genius who created this.

Peanut butter knife from r/specializedtools

7. Staple Remover

Isn't removing a staple kind of dangerous, especially if you didn't receive a tetanus shot in the past couple of years. It's not worth the trouble and the risk buddy, so why don't you just try to remove it with a knife? Or with a machete? No no, wait, with a chainsaw! Just kidding, this staple remover is the tool that you've been dreaming of. 

Satisfying staple remover from r/specializedtools

8. Bubble Wrap Popping Belt Buckle

Okay, you don't necessarily need this. But what entertains you more than popping bubble wraps? You can do it all night long, right? Sometimes you turn it into a game or a competition and it gets better and better until you pop every single bubble, but when you think you've popped each of them, you see another one waiting to be popped.

It's a vicious circle, which can get a little disturbing and time-consuming after a while. So just put this belt buckle on, and enjoy the popping-party.

Bubble wrap popping belt buckle from r/specializedtools

9. Square Omelet Tool For Making Sandwiches

Who doesn't love a sandwich with an omelet in it? Except your friend who says s/he's disgusted by the smell of eggs. How about putting a perfectly cut, square-shaped omelet in your sandwich? With this square tool, it's possible. Time to enjoy your meal champ. 

Square omelette tool for making sandwiches from r/specializedtools

10. Carpenter's Pencil Sharpener

Carpenter's pencils are suitable for marking on rough surfaces. However, it's difficult to sharpen them, but not with this pencil sharpener. Still, it's better to be careful when you're using the sharpener. Better safe than sorry, you know.

Carpenter's Pencil Sharpener from r/specializedtools

11. Egg Cracker

It can be difficult to crack eggs, it splashes everywhere, a piece of eggshell slips down from your hand to the egg yolk... Disgusting. So why not get an egg cracker that can do all the work for you. 

Egg cracker from r/specializedtools
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