13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond

Finding the right gift can be a drag especially during the holiday season. Don’t worry Well Done Stuff has got your back.
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Now, be honest, finding the right gift for someone can be so hard. It is not just a challenge that occurs during the holiday season either.

Throughout the year on top of your Christmas season, you have your Birthdays, Valentine's days, Independence Days, and Interesting Engineering’s personal favorite, National Science Day.

The issue may not be that you don’t know the person that well, the anxiety surrounding gifts stems from the excessive choices that surround you on a daily basis.

You are worried. Out of all the countless choices available to you, you might pick the wrong thing.

As stated by the always insightful Sarah Jessica Parker, “So many roads. So many detours. So many choices. So many mistakes.”

Today may be your lucky day as you prepare for the holiday season and the upcoming year. The eclectic Well Done Stuff offers up a wide range of guides that even the worst gift giver can follow, on almost any occasion, for your special someone.

Need some great low-cost gifts for your mom? Well Done Stuff has got some ideas. Wait, maybe you need a last-minute gift for your annoying sister?

Well Done Stuff has a list for you. Or, do you need something for your Nerdy brother? Well Done Stuff has got you covered.  

The Christmas Rush

Christmas can be tricky, but Well Done Stuff has a few guides for you to navigate the anxiety that comes with the Christmas rush.

You can never really go wrong with a cute little plush toy for the holiday season. Perfect for kids or even your girlfriend, the adorable Christmas creatures can help brighten anyone's day.

Well Done Stuff 's list featuring 22 of the Cutest Stuffed Christmas Toys You Can Get on Amazon, has tons of gems.

1. Adorable Plush Reindeer


13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Webkinz/Amazon

This adorable plush reindeer is great for those who love cute little creatures.

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Standing ten inches high, upon purchase the reindeer comes with a code that allows you to log in online and adopt a virtual reindeer.

2. Musical Holiday Puppy


13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Bearington Collection/Amazon

Maybe you want to get someone a puppy for Christmas without actually getting a  “puppy”.

The musical holiday puppy is perfect for Christmas, having the ability to wag its tail and play jingle bells on command.

3. Soft Grey Holiday Bear

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: WILDDREAM/Amazon

If you want something more traditional the Soft Grey Holiday Bear may be more your speed. This holiday bear stands 10.8 inches high and is machine washable.

Now if you want to move out of the realm of stuffed animals Well Done Stuff has a guide for 19 Fun Things You Can Buy For Less Than $20 that is perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers, gift baskets etc.

4. Gryffindor Harry Potter Bracelet Set

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Harry Potter/Amazon

The first thing on the list is perfect for the Harry Potter fan and is just in time for the latest movie.

Looking like something Dumbledore would create himself, the Gryffindor Harry Potter Bracelet is a great way to show off in front of your Slytherin friends.

5. American Made Beer Soap

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Swag Brewery/Amazon

Another great highlight on Well Done Stuff’s guide is the American Made Beer Soap.

Great for your beer-loving friend, the soap contains real hops, something that is perfect for your skin. Just make sure they don’t try to drink it.

6. Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Accoutrements/Amazon

For your bacon-loving friends, you may want to pick up these bacon-flavored toothpicks. These are great after you have maybe eaten some bacon wrapped in bacon.

New Gifts. New Years.

From decorations to getting the right gift that embodies the coming new year, Well Done Stuff has got your back.

13 Awesome Products That Will Improve Your Life is a great guide for those looking to give things that represent the New Year's Resolution spirit. The only question now is what you will be drinking for the evening.   

7. Portable Espresso Machine

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: WACACO/Amazon

For your friend who is always on the run, the portable espresso machine was made just for them, claiming to be more powerful than some of the machines you may find at home or in some apartments.

8. The Smart Health System

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Kintell/Kickstarter

Health is always a major New Year’s Resolution. The Smart Health System will allow you or your gift receiver to schedule and track daily habits as well as remind you to take your medication.

9. French Fry Cutter

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Amazon/Weston

Can your friend not get enough of the delicious goodness that is french fries? The French Fry Cutter allows you to cut restaurant-quality french fries: the perfect addition to almost any meal.

If you want to go the more tech route, you can find countless tips on the Best Tech Gifts of 2018.

10. Slim Fitbit Alta HR

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Amazon

Another great gift for those trying to reach new health goals in the new year, the Slim Fitbit Alta HR is an excellent choice for a gift.

It can do everything from counting calories to tracking the sleep of the wearer.

11. Classic Mini PlayStation Console

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Very.co

For a little gaming nostalgia, pick up the Classic Mini PlayStation Console.

The game comes preloaded with classics like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil™ Director's Cut, and Metal Gear Solid. Maybe, keep this one for yourself?

Gifts For Beyond

Now if you need a quick gift for a last-minute emergency, an apology, or maybe something for yourself, Well Done Stuff has the perfect selection of gadgets.

In 22 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Geek Brother, you can find some excellent recommendations.

12. Make A Computer Learn To Code Kit

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Kano/Amazon

Maybe you or someone you know wants to learn how to code. The Make A Computer Learn To Code Kit will be epic for them.


The interactive kit teaches you how to build your own computer and complete education challenges.

13. Darth Vader Star Wars Toaster

13 Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond
Source: Pangea Brands/Amazon

The force is strong with this one. For the Star Wars enthusiast, Well Done Stuff, recommends you pick up this Darth Vader toaster.

What gift are you planning to give this year? For more great gift ideas for you or your friends be sure to check out Well Done Stuff.

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