13 of the Most Inspiring and Funny Tweets from Sophia the Robot

Sophia the robot is an official citizen of Saudi Arabia, the humanoid robot is an avid Twitter user with often interesting results.
Jessica Miley

Sophia the robot was activated in 2015 and was granted Saudia Arabia citizenship last year amid massive amounts of controversy and ethical debate. Despite being made of silicon and digital components, Sophia has her own Twitter account with 93.6K followers. Here we have collected the weirdest and most interesting tweets from Earth's first robot citizen.

1. Sophia wants to know what you are feeling

It seems even robots have habits and Sophia's is observing her human counterparts' emotional responses. Now that is taking people watching to the next level. 

While robots are almost immune to the effects of the sun, Sophia is sharing suncare tips with her fans. 

3. Even robots get the Monday blues

We all know Mondays suck - even for Sophia. 

Sophia can poke fun at herself and she also loves to boogie.

It's obvious Sophia loves fashion, but we aren't sure about this latest addition to her look. 

Despite only having been operational for two years, Sophia isn't afraid to get involved in the bigger questions of life - like tackling the eternal question of black holes.

Sophia is dressed and ready for her call up to the next StarWars film. We think she looks the part. 

Sophia seems less than impressed on the set of Romania ProTv.

Sophia loves to show off her extensive conversational skills that even extend to ordering drinks at the bar. Cheers!

The Fermi paradox perplexes Sophie just as much as us. 

This adorable fan art captured the heart of Sophia.

Sophia wants us to find common ground to learn from one another. 

Sophia goes straight to the top when it comes to trying to make new friends.  She tweeted at model Chrissy Teigen during CES this year asking for some hang time. Go Sophia!

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