14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023

Here are some of the strangest innovation offerings at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in Las Vegas.
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two of CES 2023's strange innovations
CES 2023's strange innovations

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  • The Consumer Technology Association's annual event is with us once again.
  • Technology innovators, large and small, have made the pilgrimage once again to show off their latest offerings.
  • But, some of the products on show are a little odd, to say the least.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has begun its 2023 showcase of the latest and greatest in technology from around the world. Vendors this year range from purveyors of the latest in 3D printing to fintech and everything in between.

But, it turns out, some of the products on display this year are, quite frankly, a little bit strange...

What are some of the strangest innovations at CES 2023?

So, without further ado, here are some of the strangest innovations from this year's CES. Some are making their first appearance, while others are having another go this year.

And if you think that this is all the weird and wonderful stuff to come out of CES, think again. The list is far from exhaustive, and it's also in no particular order.

1. COSMECHIP lets you formulate your skincare at home

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
COSMECHIP is an interesting innovation.

One of the strangest innovations showcased at this year's CES is COSMECHIP.

An at-home beauty tool, it makes skincare cosmetics on the spot to address a customer's quickly evolving skin issues. Customers can use an "Active-Chip" that contains dry active ingredients to experience new, effective skincare.

Customers can select the ideal chip from a wide range of possibilities for these active compositions to address their specific skin issues. When the chosen chip is inserted in the device, water enters the chip along a path specifically created to give a balanced blending of water and active ingredients to generate the finished skincare product.

2. Cotons Sense 1 keeps owners in the know about their pet's health (apparently)

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
Coton Sense 1 could be a gamechanger for dog owners.

The Cotons Sense 1 intelligent dog collar claims to extend the life of our best friend by communicating the precise health status of a dog to its owners and vet. The multi-sensor collar measures and monitors a dog's biosignals.

It then analyses that information using an AI system to detect anomalies and spot the early warning indications of potential disease. Pretty revolutionary if it works.

3. Contact Glove is designed specifically for virtual reality gamers

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
Contact Glove is an interesting innovation too.

Its makers claim that Contact Glove is the world's first haptic virtual reality controller to employ micro coils composed of shape-memory alloys to deliver tactile feedback. In addition to offering a natural sense of touch, the glove's unique haptic module incorporates shape memory alloys to enable the gadget to be kept small enough for use in a glove.

With the help of Contact Glove's features, users may engage in highly immersive gaming experiences and metaverse discussions without holding onto enormous controllers or putting on bulky gloves.

Contact Glove was created especially for VR gamers and could usher in a new level of gaming experience, whether they are ready for it or not.

Though, being able to actually "feel" a sword in your hand might be an exciting development.

4. XHRO helps you monitor your body 24/7

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
XHRO is another interesting innovation this year.

The world's first and smallest all-in-one, 24-hour, real-time body monitoring device, XHRO, uses cutting-edge AI technology to "unlock the body clock and unveil the aging system."

XHRO claims users can enhance physical and cognitive performance by helping users gain a better comprehension of their biological clock from all the data collected by the gadget, including data on neurological, cardiovascular, and metabolic dynamics. The device is easy to wear and looks like an earbud, but it uses a sensor behind the neck to gather extensive essential information from the entire body.

5. Otus Premium is designed to improve a wearer's eyesight

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
Otus is your own personal eye trainer.

Otus Premium by Edenlux is a digital wearable head mount that is part of the Internet of Things and offers programs that claim to improve eyesight.

Using a goggle-like headset device, the firm, a member of the Born2Global Centre (CEO Kim Jong-gap), developed the Otus app, which enables users to test their eye health, perform eye exercises through a variety of entertaining games, and receive an eye health report.

The company's CEO, a physician, discovered eye exercise training while regaining his vision. Otus is a tool that enables customers to monitor their test results in the Otus App, test their eye health at home, and perform eye exercises using specialized lenses.

Users will soon be able to see a monthly report that details the extent to which performing eye exercises with the Otus device has improved their eye health. However, Otus aims to go one step further than current services. It intends to offer a service where customers can select personalized glasses for their eye exercises and use the gathered data to deliver a score report on their eye health.

Yn Lee, Marketing Team Leader of Edenlux, said in an interview that "this improvement reflects the growing desire of consumers to take better care of their eye health through exercise as their use of smartphones and other digital devices has increased."

"We will continue researching and developing our service and products based on customer feedback until everyone's eyes are healthy," she added.

6. FluentPet Connect lets your pet actually "text" you

This next odd innovation might be every pet owner's dream. Imagine a device that lets you understand what your pet is saying!

FluentPet Connect is an exciting technology designed to enable better inter-species communication. Users of the technology can automatically monitor, evaluate, and share their progress on a WiFi-connected innovative system that facilitates quicker communication and information sharing with other users and the scientific community.

Based on user input, the new system improves user experience by including mobile app connectivity and increased audio capability. Animals can now send "texts" to their humans when they are gone, thanks to the use of Bluetooth-enabled buttons for the pet to press, ensuring that humans never again miss an important message or milestone. Of course, this first involves many hours of training to teach your dog or cat to use the system and learn to press the correct buttons.

Once they get the hang of it, they may also, of course, annoy the hell out of you with repeated texts. We hope it has a mute function to prevent pet "text spamming."

7. Pixsee Play AI Smart Baby Camera & Friends Companion might be the next generation of baby monitors

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
Pixsee Play AI Smart Baby Camera & Friends Companion might be the only baby monitor you ever need.

For children ages 0 and above, Pixsee Play & Friends is an intelligent baby camera and entertaining toyset combined into one care-and-play solution. Its care features, such as intelligent infant sleep and mobile safety detection, a music player that automatically plays melodies to calm crying, and what the company claims is the first decoder in the world that can determine the cause of crying, provide parents peace of mind.

Three companion toys engage kids in cognitively stimulating play through specially chosen music while AI records priceless parent-child moments to the cloud. The device, according to its developer, keeps kids safe and entertained thanks to innovative features and the use of allergen-free materials.

8. HealthyVerse can tell how healthy you are by imaging your nails

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
HealthyVerse can tell alot about you just by looking at your nails.

A cutting-edge healthcare service called HealthyVerse uses imaging equipment and a deep-learning AI algorithm to extract 18 illness and nutritional deficiency symptoms from fingernails to forecast a person's current state of health. HealthyVerse also provides a new method of managing health indicators, which is based on comparisons with the average index values of each segment of users.

Professionals can, apparently, also use the gathered cumulative health information to develop a customized nutrition plan for each user. Trend analysis can assist in identifying nutritional deficiencies and health irregularities in advance and avoid the overuse or misuse of health-functional foods (a food claimed to have an additional function by adding new ingredients or more of existing ingredients) and nutritional supplements.

And all that from just looking at your nails! Will wonder never cease?

9. Young&Be Bio-radiance Microcurrent Mask looks a bit odd but could save you a fortune

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
The Radiance Microcurrent Mask could save you hundreds of dollars in facial treatment.

Young & Be Bio-radiance Microcurrent Mask by Reziena Inc. is a facial sheet mask that uses iontophoresis technology (a process of transdermal drug delivery by use of a voltage gradient on the skin) to improve the penetration of cosmetic ingredients into the skin's deeper layers.

This sheet mask is as effective and efficient, Reziana Inc. claims, as an expensive galvanic device, thanks to the patented Biocell, a green, clean-tech, paper-based power source. Reziena created a solution that combines microcurrent technology with sheet masks so that anyone may experience professional clinical treatments at home.

In contrast, other devices with the same technology cost hundreds of dollars.

10. CLAM lets you create NFTs of your most precious moments

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
CLAM lets you turn your photos into NFTs.

Users of the smartphone app Clam can produce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of their actual experiences. When a user snaps a photo, the software gathers the information from that moment in time (location, date, and photos) and records it as an NFT.

Users' NFTs, which capture their favorite moments, can be cherished or given as gifts to someone else. Additionally, because these records are unchangeable, users can use the app to vouch for the reality of their encounters for bragging rights.

11. GlüxKind Ella is an intelligent baby stroller

Everything appears to be getting the "smart" treatment nowadays, so it was only a matter of time before baby strollers did.


"The Pinnacle Travel System," as GlüxKind Technologies Inc. describes it, is an AI-powered intelligent baby stroller called the Ella. It is designed with increased safety and convenience in mind "for today's busy parents."

The company claims it is "a full-featured smart travel solution to assist your family now and in the future." Smart or not, Glüxkind's innovative travel system, which includes a car seat, infant bassinet, and toddler seat, is crammed with adorably attractive and practical features.

12. myFirst Fone R1s is the perfect smartwatch for kids

myFirst Fone R1s has a sophisticated layout with heart-rate tracking and a motivational smartwatch designed for kids to meet their daily walking goals. A phone, music player, camera, clock, GPS, and fitness tracker are all combined into one wonderful all-in-one device.

Highly customizable, you can add a selfie or images shared in the chat area to the watch face you create.

The new R1 also now has heart rate monitoring with high heart rate alert PPG (photoplethysmography). Once the R1s detected child is running, the program will automatically detect the heart rate and tell the user to slow down if it exceeds the beats per minute specified by parents. Parents can set the high heart rate alarm remotely.

The water resistance rating from the previous R1 generation has also been increased to IPX8. With the upgrade, water resistance is greater and lasts longer. The watch was tested for an hour in a meter of water in a lab setting.

It also includes ways to record personalized reminders and parent and friend chat abilities and comes with a preinstalled SIM card that offers unlimited data for the first six months.

13. SkyTed provides the ultimate in privacy when gaming or on a call

SkyTed is another of the strangest-looking innovations at this year's CES, but it is certainly one of the most interesting. Using so-called "voice silencer" technology, SkyTed was created utilizing cutting-edge aerospace technology, offering complete soundlessness for private and confidential calls in both the physical and virtual realms.

SkyTed aims to give "digital nomads," or just those who feel the need to be connected 24/7, complete comfort and voice privacy in airplanes, open offices, on public transportation, and in the virtual world through the metaverse and online gaming—making it ideal for the hybrid workplace.

Small resonators have been integrated into SkyTed's masks in partnership with the French Aerospace Lab, Airbus, and European Space Agency, using technology designed to muffle aircraft engines.

These resonators are ten times more powerful than the market's current masks.

14. Nufa lets you imagine and then get your perfect body

14 of the strangest innovations from CES 2023
Why not use NUFA to inspire you to get into shape?

With the help of the practical body-editing tool Nufa, you can visualize and then work to achieve a leaner and trimmer physique. You no longer need to spend hours using challenging photo editors to modify your body images or wait months to see the fruits of your labors.

Your daily routine time will be saved so you can learn more difficult skills. You can take stunning and flawless images of your dream physique with Nufa by simply clicking. Post your alluring and fabulous photographs on social media to fool potential Tinder dates and quickly increase the number of likes – dramatically improving your inspiration to get that body for real! The app also includes personalized workouts so that you can get that hot bod you've always dreamed of.

And that is your lot for today.

Keep checking out our homepage for more of the hottest technology being showcased at this year's CES! You won't be disappointed.

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