15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try

Equip your bike with these cool gadgets and add-ons to make your commuting even more enjoyable.
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Cycling is one of the best exercises and the well-documented benefits are one of the reasons why there’s a surge in the use of bikes over other means of transportation.

As a matter of fact, bikes also save a lot of time and money. And with advances in technology, there are really cool gadgets you can add to your bikes.

If you’re cycling for leisure or semi-professionally, these bike gadgets will not only enhance your ride but will also keep you safe on your trip.

1. Nello Magnetic Bike Bell

15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try
Source: Palomar/Amazon

If you’re looking for a bell that not only looks cool but actually works, the Nello Magnetic Bike Bell is for you. It is a little ball that won’t bounce but will ring when you touch its head.

This friendly-looking ball can be fastened to the bike’s handlebar using the rubber support provided in the kit. The bell can be easily pulled off and slipped into the pocket once you arrive at your destination.

Every time you take it off and strap it back, the ring sound changes from 3 available options.

The bell is weather resistant and is powered by two CR2032 batteries, producing a sound intensity of more than 90 dB.

2. Revolights Eclipse Bicycle Lighting System

The LED ring mounted on the bike wheels not only looks cool but is an ingenious piece of lighting support for your bike.

The built-in accelerometers within the LEDs turn on only when a bike is facing the front or back of your bicycle. This results in a 360-degree illumination, providing you clear visibility even from the sides. It is also integrated with turn signals and a smart brake light that flashes when you slow down your bike.

The weather-resistant design of Revolights Eclipse is undoubtedly the best bike lighting system you can buy for $229.

3. Hammerhead One Bicycle Handle Bar Navigation System

15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try
Source: Hammerhead

Hammerhead One is a sleek GPS navigation system for bikes that can be mounted on the handlebar.

The T-shaped device lights up to provide direction signals through the proprietary GPS app that can be installed on your smartphone.

The device also integrates with popular cycling apps such as Strava and MapMyRide. The small LED lights are clearly visible, without letting you lose your focus on road and traffic.

4. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

These clever gloves from Zackees is a great way to indicate others that you are changing lanes or turning during traffic. Made up of durable Lycra Spandex with reinforced leather palms, the gloves are fitted with 54 lumen LEDs arranged in the shape of arrows. The LEDs are powered by two coin-cell batteries and also include an Ambient Sensor that increases the brightness during the daytime to extend the battery life. These resourceful gloves are indeed the must-haves for the bikers.

Most Popular

5. GoPro Hero5 Session Action Camera

15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try
Source: GoPro

This is a must-have for all the adventurers out there who love to experience long journeys and off-road trips. The smaller version of the GoPro camera is perfect to capture great moments and eventually original content to share online. The Hero5 Session from GoPro weighs less and is small in size to be able to attach anywhere. Designed to be used in the harshest environment, the weather-resistant camera can capture stunning videos at 1080p quality and is the most affordable choice available in the market.

6. Siva Cycle Atom


The Siva Cycle Atom is a compact device that can be mounted on the rear hub of your bike to produce electricity when you cycle. The power produced by the device is good enough to charge your smartphone. With a 500mA charge rate, your phone will get charged at about the same speed as when charging it through USB 2.0. There are two possible ways to charge your phone. Either you directly connect your phone to the device, or let the removable battery charge itself first to later charge your phone. Being light in weight, cyclists can easily carry around the device and attach it to the bike without influencing the balance.

7. ICEdot Crash Sensor

15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try
Source: ICEdot/Amazon

This small round device that can be mounted on helmets detects if the rider has crashed. It first tries to contact your smartphone to sound an alarm, and if it’s not turned off, the device automatically sends the rider’s location to the assigned emergency contacts. The sensor is powered by rechargeable batteries that can last for up to 20 hours when in use and 30 hours in standby mode.

8. Hövding, the Invisible Bike Helmet

Hövding is an invisible helmet that inflates when the crash occurs to protect your head. This strange-looking helmet makes use of sensors and algorithms to detect whenever a crash is about to occur and inflates immediately. While it might look weird when deployed, you can save your head and your life with it. However, the only catch is that the helmet is one-time use. You’ll need to buy another one once it is inflated. The cost of Hövding is $550 and is currently available only in Europe.

9. Linka Smart Lock

This smart lock can protect your bike from theft with a tap of a button. It comes with built-in sensors that detect unwanted movement and trigger a loud 110 dB siren to draw attention. It will also send you a tamper alert on your phone when in range and can be unlocked only by you. LINKA’s battery lasts up to 16 months and takes two hours to get charged with a micro-USB. The smart lock is compatible with 85% of the bikes in the market, offering a true keyless access to your bike.

10. Stylish Bicycle Saddle Bag

15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try
Source: Walnut Studiolo/Amazon

This designer saddle bag from Walnut Studiolo is hand-stitched and makes use of natural vegetable-tanned leather and is a stylish way to store your vital items. The design is inspired by the old brandy barrels carried by St. Bernard mountain dogs. The bag can be attached to your seat rail or saddle eyelets and is also waterproof to keep your items safe during unpleasant weather.

11. Levi’s Smart Jacket

The smart jacket from Levi’s is a result of collaboration by the company with Google. The jacket makes use of Jacquard technology created by Google to weave smartness into the very fabric. Branded as Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket, the apparel costs $350 and consists of smart features such as gesture-based controls to make calls, navigate or listen to music with a little brush on the cuff. The smart jacket is perfect for bike commuters to stay focused on the road and traffic rather than looking at a screen.

12. Helios Bars

This is again a must-have gadget for your bike that enhances your visibility and safety. Helios Bars are nothing but handlebars with integrated headlights and blinkers. The device also has other features such as Bluetooth connectivity, visual speedometer, and GPS navigation system. Available in three different shapes, Helios Bars can be fitted onto any ordinary or racing bikes.

13. Smart Connected Biking System

The smart connected biking system from COBI transforms your ordinary bike into a smart one. The system is composed of a charging mount, a biking app, a voice assistance system, an automatic lighting system and sensors that provide theft-alert. The integrated system can be operated via the app on your smartphone. It also integrates with fitness apps like Strava and Fitbit for fitness tracking. At $249, the COBI bike system is sure to give you a much better riding experience.

14. Ass Savers Extended Bike Mudguard

15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try
Source: Ass Savers

One thing that troubles regular bike commuters during the wet season is having a wet backside. These Ass Savers are just for that. When attached to the saddle, it protects your back from getting wet. It is basically a flat sheet of Polypropylene with pre-scored fold lines and fits both oval and round rails. The solution is already tried, tested and used by the majority of cyclists around the world. The Ass Savers Extended is a longer version of the Ass Saver Original and provides increased protection on faster rides.

15. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

For all the fitness freaks, Wahoo’s TICKR is the ultimate heart rate monitor and workout tracker that can capture both motion and intensity. The device comes with built-in memory to store heart and calorie data without requiring a phone. With Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ dual-band technology, the TICKR can also connect to most of the smartphones, GPS watches and bike computers.

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